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Dad's Brain Tumors

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We saw the radiation oncologist on Friday and he showed us the 2 spots that are on my Dad's brain. He said this type of spread is highly unusual. He feels that my Dad is in remarkable condition physically and mentally after all he has been through and he feels he is a perfect candidate for stereotactic radiosurgery. Next Thursday he will have the procedure done. The radiation portion takes about an hour but we will be there from 7:15 am until about 8:00 pm. The prep for the procedure is very involved and lengthy and they have to assemble a team of 6-7 specialists. The first thing they will do is bolt a metal frame to my father's head which he will have to wear all day even though the actual radiation doesn't take place until around 5:30 pm. It's going to be a very long day and my father is already stressing about it. But the Dr. said he wants to treat my Dad very aggressively because he believes he can handle it. The alternative is Whole Brain Radiation which I was hoping they did not suggest and which the Dr. said he would not even consider at this point because my father is too physically and mentally fit. Dad will have a follow-up MRI in one month to see where things stand. The Dr. was very nice and sounded very optimistic. Thank you to everyone who responded to my previous post and to those who have responded in the past. My best wishes to everyone.


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deneen -

That is SO encouraging to hear. I am very happy for your dad that he is a candidate for stereotactic radiosurgery (sounds sorta like some kind of new walkman or MP3 or iPod doesn't it?)

UGH, having to wear that frame around all day - and the kids gave me a hard time when all I was wearing were braces. Try not to be too harsh on him!

Keeping you all in my prayers.

- SB

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It's great that they are able to localize it. He is much better having the concentrated radiation to two small areas than having whole brain radiation. Don't be surprised if he has some temporary confusion after the procedure, especially after the long day. But if he gets it that will clear.

Hugs to you all,


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Deneen -

Overall this sounds like good news - I'll be thinking of both you and your Dad - the procedure doesn't sound fun, but it sounds much better than "whole brain" and I just know your Dad will do well.

Take care,

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Wow, the stereotactic radiosurgery seems like such a positive option! I'll be keeping you and your father in my thoughts and hope that it is extremely successful. I'm also so happy you have an optimistic and positive radiation oncologist, what a big difference that makes!
Stay strong.

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