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Orgasm before/after

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Joined: Dec 2006

I am currious ... how do the orgasm rate before and after the robot... do they feel the same? It has been 6 weeks post op, I have great hopes. anybody have comments?

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I am 5 1/2 yr post op and have been very fortunate in that I regained the ability to obtain an erection shortly after conventional surgery. As far as the sensation of orgasm and ejaculation following a Prostatectomy, the sensation will be almost exactly the same. The difference is that there will be very little or NO liquid expelled.

The overall experience should be as enjoyable as before. Good luck!!

P.S. Be sure and empty your bladder prior to engaging in intercourse.


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Joined: Dec 2006

thanks I really appreciate the encouragement

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I am 3 1\2 years post op.. Same good news! Sex is every bit as enjoyable as before!

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RogerMoore and Kalar
How long affterr the robot did you gain you ability to have an erection, I am four months post op from the robot and still nothing, just a little fluff with Cialis.

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I had lap surgery and had my first orgasm right after my cat was taken out (2 weeks after surgery). The orgasm was just like before surgery. Still a great sensation. The only difference was there is no output of semen.

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