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Just started our journey...

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My husband (57) had routine (1st) colonscopy on Dec 1; 4-5 cms tumor discovered in the cecum; surgery set for Thursday; having the liver and lung CT tomorrow.

Of course, we don't know stage yet, but that hasn't stopped me from totally freaking out.

Trying to take it one day at a time so am focused on post surgery. Wondering if anyone has first hand advice regarding his post surgery...
What can I expect in terms of pain and fatigue in the first weeks?
How long before you felt semi-human?
Is there something someone did for you that really made you feel better?

Will lurk around and read.


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Hi Anne,

I was diagnosed with CRC with my tumor also in the cecum. I had surgery to remove the ascending colon and part of the transverse colon. I was anemic going into surgery so I received 4 units of blood post surgery. I was hospitalized for approx. 8 days.

I recommend your husband receive an epideral of morphine for post surgery pain. It is truly a life saver and helps the healing occur quickly.

No surgery is good, but if he can control the pain he will recover much faster. I awoke with an NG tube through my nose into the stomach - taken out after about 3 days. He will be on NO food for a couple of days (just IV nutrients) and then will begin with liquids.

The nurses said that I must "pass gas" to ensure that all was well. Well, that was embarassing to say the least!!! But when I finally did, my hospital room full of family cheered loudly. Small blessings.

I wish you and your husband all the best with your new journey. Know that we will be here to help along the way. Just ask all the questions you have - someone here has experienced it!!

Check out some of the personal website for more information.

Best wishes,


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Hey Anne,
I am recovering from colon surgery back in June 06. I am currently on treatment 9 out of 12 chemo visits. My post op surgery condition was painful but I didnt have to take mcuh pain meds after coming home from hospital. We actually went to Ft. Lauderdale for the family vacation at the end of June.That was a little rough travelling but it was well worth it. I even went snokeling with my family in the Keys.
Give the surgery a good 3 weeks or so, I didnt have a colostomy so if he has that then it may be different.
The thing that helped me the most was prayers and a good positive attitude! If he can get back to his regular routine as soon as possible this will also help alot. My prayers are with you and your husband. NOone is going to tell you that it will be easy but God nevers gives us more than we can handle if we trust in him. HAVE FAITH!
God Bless,

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My cancer started in the cecum, however by the time these Drs.found out what was going on, when they did the colonoscopy they found 3 masses. 2 in the cecum, 1 in the sigmoid. GI DR.thought it was crohn's disease. Boy was he wrong. Pathology report revealed adenocarcinoma in all 3 masses. I then had a catscan which revealed a large mass which came out of the cecum went across the pelvis and attached itself on to the sigmoid.
I had my surgery done in N.Y.city(Manhattan). The surgery was not easy for me. I was fit going in but I had developed complications. They removed the ascending colon as well as the appendix. The terminal ileum and the sigmoid colon. I have a illesotomy on the right side and a draining mucous fistula on the left side which is actually part of the transverse colon and descending colon. I also had bowel obstructions after that.
But that was just me. Hopefuuly they will be able to re-connect your husband without the bags. I am now facing more surgery to remove the rest of the colon as well as the rectum. My situation is different. I had chemo and pelvic radiation. The back of the tumor laid on the right ureter tube.
They had to shave the tumor down then put in metal surgical clips where it was radiated. Good luck. keep us posted. Fran

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Sorry that you are here but happy to be able to give support. I had a different surgery as mine was in the rectum. However, as others have mentioned, he should do as much walking as possible after surgery. I bought an IPOD as a gift to myself before the surgery and then was able to walk up and down the halls. The music made me feel like dancing (despite the tubes and contraptions you pull around) and that helped in getting me in a positive mood for recovery. The thing that bothered me the most was the urinary catheter which stayed in for 5 days.

Good luck to you and your husband, we will pray that all goes well.


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Hi Mickey,
Sorry to hear about your husband. I am new here too,and my first post subject was "Husband has colon cancer and I am freaking out!" so I know where you are coming from. My husband has stage IIb colon cancer. Diaginosed on Halloween.He had his surgery on Nov 17 and did real well. They could not get the epidural in so he had the morphine pump. He used the pump the first night because his shoulder hurt. I guess that is common with adominal surgery because the nerves from the diaphram end at the shoulder so don't worry too much about it if it happens just let the nurses know. As soon as he started walking he didn't need anymore pain meds. He was up and walking 8 hours after surgery. He was feeling great until 24 hours after surgery, thats when he started feeling bloated. He just walked some more because he said it felt like something was moving when he walked. The bloating feeling lasted about 12 hours (he walked quite a bit during it)But I agree with the walking. It gets things moving. Surgery was on Thursday and he had toast on Sat morn for breakfast. And a big thing is have you had a bowel movement or passed gas! I really don't know how many times he was asked but it was alot! Please try to keep a positive attitude (I know it's hard when all this stuff is running through your mind)but keep it up, talk, talk, talk, try to get him to talk about it and when he has his surgery walk, walk, and more walking. This place is a great place to come to lots of info and people who have been through it all who offer advise and hugs along the way. Please stay in touch with all of us and I will put you and your husband in my prayers.

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hi ann,
sorry you and your husband have to be here.
welcome to your extended family. we have quite a bunch of great survivors,caretakers here. i had cc dx5/04 had emergency surgery bowel was closed.
had surgery that nite, woke up with a temp bag. had 26 weeks of 5fu and leuovorin(sp). had colon resected in 9/04. attitude is a big part of beating this beast, alot of faith also. i didn't have alot of support from family. i found this site while in the hospital and it was a god sent.
make sure hubbie has a morphine drip for pain he will most likely need it. alot of walking also to get his lungs working. he is a very luck man to have a wife like you. come here to ask,vent,cry what ever you need to do, we are here to help.
be well

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Waiting to get staged is really tough. Hang in there.
He will probably wake up with an NG tube down his throat, which made me salivate and retch from time to time. Since there is nothing to come up, it's unproductive, but a little TLC goes a long way.
If it's possible, an epidural is really helpful in most cases. Morphine is also the standard in the US today as well, so either will help him. Like everyone else here, walking was my saving factor. It's important, it's medically necessary, and it brings a certain excitement that good health is coming soon.
Please keep us informed. We all support you.

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Welcome to the semi-colons by proxy!

Suggestion: Don't freak out until absolutely necessary, and then go out for Ice Cream!!!!

My story fits with others, the walking started the day after my bowel resection. My tumor was at the other end...lost my rectum and sigmoid colon...also had a total hysterectomy...

"Came with a colon, left with a semi-colon, lost my period...so were the punctuations of MY life!"

Fatigue will be a problem, his body will need some time to heal. Let him sleep when he wants, it is very good for him in this first few weeks.

I had a friend who took me out to have a pedicure...sort of reclined in the chair...ok, well, maybe not as good a fit for a GUY...but made ME feel BETTER!

Hugs, Kathi

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I was DX in July 06 with Stage II, NO/MO. Had emergency colon cancer surgery on 10 July of the sigmond colon and still have a temp colosomy (sp?). Pain meds were given through IV. I was in ICU for 2-3 days, can't remember much and then in regular room for 1-2 days. If memory serves correctly, the last day in regular room is when I received soft foods. Once home I was told to take it easy, but walk as much as possible and was on a soft diet for about a week. I was pretty much recovered within 8 weeks. I only took 2 pain killers (pills) once home and didn't need them after that. Like everyone says, walking is necessary and needed.

I see my surgeon today to discuss my 2nd surgery of reconnecting my colon and my very first colonoscopy.

Please keep us updated and MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Hi Anne,

Welcome to the semi-colon family. There seems to be a theme running through all the posts. Make sure he is not a hero and does take pain meds if needed. Walk, Walk, Walk (I cheered when I tooted in the hallway the first time after my surgery- then looked around to see if anyone heard. I even had to call my family. LOL). I looked at the hospital time as taking a breather from my hectic home life. Get a good book to read to take up some of the time. Please tell us how he is doing and maybe give him our posts! HUGS.

Lisa F.

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Husband is now home recovering from Dec 14th surgery - which went pretty well. Saw the oncologist today for the first time and got the official word - Stage 2A, N0/T3/M0.

She is recommending chemo but left decision up to us. Says it's a fairly new protocol for 2A (only last 5 years) and could give us no more than *maybe* a 5% boost in survival rate and couldn't guarantee that. I know she's being conservative and wants to try everything possible but seems like 6 months of misery with no real evidence of benefit is a lot to ask.

I'm wondering if anyone has some info/websites/trial info for us. Husband has no idea what to do and we'd like to get more info. Doctor is great - no worries there - just she is pushing chemo and we'd like to see if there are competing opinions.

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Hi Mickey,

My dad is in the same predicament.

What did you decide?

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Hello Brajesh

This is a very old thread. 10 years. Mickey hasn't visited this forum since 2008.


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