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Hi everyone sorry to be the pest. I decided to keep my appt. for that petscan on Dec.15th and take extra pain meds to lay down on that table to find out if those enlarged lymph nodes light up.
If they do I was told a biopsy is next. Oh my God what else could happen. I am not as strong as all you people on this site. I hope this cancer is not back. It will freak me out. I do read all of your messages and wonder how you all handle if the cancer has re-occured. I am amazed. I am jumping the gun but I do strongly feel it is back. As the last radioligist labeled as multiple pathological
enlarged lymph nodes which means cancer. Very upset and down. Your friend Fran from Long Island

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Hi Fran,

You are probably stronger than alot of us. You have so much to deal with. Hang in there and be positive. You must never lose hope than you can beat the beast.

Your friend, Dick

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Maybe you are asking too much of yourself if it doesn't freak you out, at least at first. You are obviously as brave as the rest of us, you are not frozen with fear, you are getting the PET scan to see what's up and then fight it if need be. My understanding is a PET is good down to a milimeter or larger lesion. If anything is there you will be catching it early. Everyone here understands and is behind you completely.
Go for it. The truth is rarely pure and never simple. Neither is the news about this disease.

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Hi Fran,
I'm glad you decided to go ahead with the scan; perhaps it can help clarify what is happening. Please note that "pathological" means SOME type of disease process, including infection, inflammation....I can't imagine how hard it is to wait, but we are all waiting with you.
I am also amazed by the strength of folks here, but I think that somehow we all muddle through to the best of our ability.
Keep us posted; hope you feel some relief from your pain in the meantime. Judy

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You CAN NOT think that it is back (you can feel it but you have to fight those thoughts). You have got to yell at them to get the hell out of your body (I don't think Jose would let me put in what I actually yelled out every night as I rubbed on tummy and did my visionary exercises, too many 4 letter words).

I still have you in my daily prayers sweetie.

Lisa P

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Yeah, what Scouty said! As me dear old mother used to say, No News is Good News." Oh, that and, "Don't borrow trouble from tomorrow for today has enough of its own."

Until and Unless they TELL you it's cancer, you have a right to believe with your whole heart that it is NOT cancer.

Hang in there...

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I am telling you the same thing as Scouty. Just hang in there. I am always scared every year whenever I have my PET/CT. But then last year I thought... hey.. if they do find something, at least it won't be as bad whenever I was first diagnosed. They would be catching it alot sooner. Because you had a PET in July that was good.. so think of it that way. And believe me, no matter how things turn out.. you won't face it alone, because you have all of us on this board to confide in, and pray for you, and talk to. So try not to worry.

Your friend in PA

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G'day fran,
Take a couple of deep breaths ,let them out slowly and try to relax. It's not back till some doc actually tells you it is back. Maybees and perhaps means nothing, you have been battling for a long time and would it be any wonder if you did have an infection of some sort. Don't forget enlarged nodes are also a sign of your immune system fighting infections. With a little bit of luck your pet scan will be clear and perhaps a hit with some anti -biots will fix you up. Positive thoughts Fran ,remember half a glass of anything is always half full never half empty,hang in there mate ,Hugs Ron.

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It makes a difference what it is half full of. I suggest a half glass of wine or whine to get rid of stress. jams