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surgery changed !!!!

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hi guys,
just called dr's office and surgery is changed for the 21st instead of 12/13.
i am a little bummed, wanted to get it over with.
the surgery was scheduled at 230pm and dr wants to start early because it is a big procedure.
i guess things happen for a reason.
be well,

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Yes, Bruce...now you have time to finish the all-important pre-holiday SHOPPING!!!!

Seriously, you are such a brave and patient person, I would have been in that surgeon's face asking "So, why was it sceduled then to begin with...has the proceedure changed or you had a sudden lightning bolt, or what????" (Sigh, I guess I'm just a combative soul underneath it all).

PLEASE keep us posted!

Hugs, kathi

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Bummer. Sure do understand where you're coming from. Things do happen for a reason, though that doesn't always make me feel better since it takes so long to find out the reason sometimes, if you ever do. Great attitude though. Use this time to bolster your body and mind and hang in there.

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It is a bummer when treatment is changed. Perhaps he needs to get his Christmas shopping done first. Did he say how long the surgery usually is. Normally a hernia repair like that would not be so big but I imagine they have to redo the colostomy part of it so that adds some.

Take the extra time to relax.


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Drat! Sigh. Well, just hang in there, dang it all! The 23rd will come quickly...

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oh I can totally relate...my liver surgery last year got bumped to a Friday the 13th of all days. That wasn't cool....lol. Sounds like you avoided the 13th though! ok..ok enough of that.

Sorry you have to wait a week. Take care i hope the wait passes quickly for you and that your surgery goes great.

Best wishes,

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