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lung surgery on Friday - stressy

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I haven't posted for a while but have been getting comfort from reading posts. Some of you may recall I have been following a questionable spot on my lung. Given my history (I had a solitary lung met last April -- removed surgically followed by chemo), we decided this new spot has to come out. So, I'm having surgery on Friday. Hopefully a wedge using VATS altho last time that ended up not to be possible. I have been feeling quite calm and strong and positive up until a few days ago when I totally flipped out -- I have just been a stressy mess. Ah well -- we are all human, right? Anyway -- thanks for being such a wonderful souce of support to me, even when I don't write frequently. I hope to be out of the hospital and back on the board SOOONNN. And with an "all clear" biopsy report, of course!

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Best of luck Tara. With your positive attitude and fortitude I'm sure everything will go well. Just keep your spirits up, and when you get nervous, just think how wonderful it will be to be 'spotless' (ha ha). Monica

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Aw, tara....good vibes are heading your way! OK to be a 'stressy mess'...I still start freaking out about a week before ANY exam...even missed my rad/onc appt cause I 'FORGOT'....sigh...and I then got a good report....I SHOULD start thinking less (hummmm, don't know that THAT is possible...rofl).

BIG hugs, Kathi

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I will be keeping you in my thoughts and will be sending positive vibes for that "all clear" biopsy report.

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I'm sure the surgery will be a success and you can put it past you soon.
Post as soon as you can to give us the good news!
Best Wishes,

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Best of luck to you, Tara. It'll be good to get this all behind you; and you are entitled to be a stressy mess, but you sound pretty strong and focused to me! Keep us posted, Judy

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I am sending all the good vibes I can gather up! Let us know how you are doing. I am wishing for clear results.


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Rub that bracelet girlfriend and you will know I am with you!!!!!!

Cyber hugs and kisses,

Lisa P.

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Sending good thougths and prayers..
Gob Bless

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You'll be in my prayers on Friday, Tara. Here's hoping it goes well and you heal quicikly!

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Take care Tara...sending many good vibes and prayers your way.

Friday will come and go before you know and you'll be home and on the mend.

We'll be thinking of you!

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Best wishes Tara, will be thinking of you on Friday.


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Good luck Tara. Please let us know how you are doing. If you can't post for awhile after the surgery have a friend do it. We pray for an uncomplicated surgery with excellent results.


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Sending good vibes now and will do it again on Friday. Here is to the "all clear"!

Lisa F.

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