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Starting Chemo on Wed.

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Hi all, Just an update. Carl (dx stage4 Oct/06)will be starting chemo on Wed. with Folfox and possibly adding Avastin later. He has recovered from his bowel and liver resection well and had his port put in on Tues. I am very nervous about the starting treatment, but he just says 'bring it on'. I will let you all know how it goes....I am so greatful for this site and I read all the posts everyday.

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I was on Oxaliplatin (which is part of the Folfox regimen) and the things that affected me were neuropathy and sensitivity to cold. Make sure he is warm on his trips back and forth to the hospital and that his drinks are also warm or at least warmer than room temperature. Even room temperature would affect my throat (it would close up). Of course, everyone reacts differently but those were my main issues. The doctors are very smart to hold up on Avastin for a bit. I had a couple of infections as the Avastin affects wound healing and I had just had two surgeries. He might as well wait until they are fairly certain he has healed and then start on Avastin. The best of luck to both of you. You are halfway there. Monica

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It sounds like he has a great attitude and that is very important. Besides the cold intolerance, which at first gets better after about 3-5 days, there is also the "first bite syndrome" the first few days. He will get a type of jaw spasm when first biting down. I found that clenching my jaw just before starting eating seemed to help that. The peripheral neuropathy is bothersome but was not so noticiable for me until about the 4th cycle.

Keep us informed.


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Hi Dick, just to change the subject, I had a gastroscopy today down here in NZ, due to major increase in digestive problems. It came back normal. The last one I had showed a large hiatus hernia and major ulcer problems around the site. Can a hiatus hernia heal and go away? Virginia.

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I was also on the FLOFOX regime. As stated above, the Oxy drug causes sensitivey to cold weather, food and beverages. During my treatments I did not take any chances and never drank or ate anything cold. Also remind him not to put any part of this body in the frig or freezer and also be careful when going through the dairy or frozen section of the grocery store.

The tingling and numbness of the feet and hands did not really bother me until the 3rd or 4th treatment. The ACS home page has some really good information on the side effects of the drugs he will be taking.

I wish you both well and a MERRY CHRISTMAS

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I did Oxyilaplatin and 5FU. I had almost every symptom listed. Make sure they watch his white cell count, mine sank fast, but still I felt ok...(leaves you open to infection). Make sure to keep a copy of EVERYTHING....scans, labs, etc. Never know when you may need to reference them. Last bit-water....I have NO IDEA why, but I drank (ok, all...don't cringe!) ICE WATER! Don't ask, but it WORKED for me. That said, water, regardless of how warm or cold, helps flush the chemo fast....visualize flushing the bladder and kidneys.

'Bring it on'....I LOVE the semi-colon fighting attitude!

Hugs, Kathi

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