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32 y/o female faced with rectal surgery, hysterectomy, and Avastin...HELP!!!

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Hi, I am new to the group. Was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer on September 18th. Finished 28 radiation sessions and 5-FU pump on December 1st. My pelvis is peeling and burnt. I am also having a lot of pain when I go to the bathroom (on Lortab around the clock). Did anyone else have severe pain after radiation in the rectal area??? How long did it last??? Any advice on controlling pain?? Also I am having surgery at the end of January, I have asked for a full hysterectomy since I can't have kids and reproductive cancers run in the family. Has anyone else had a hysterectomy at the time of their colon surgery???? Would you recommend doing it??? Also my oncologist wants to do 4-6 months of chemo after surgery with FOLFOX and Avastin. I would appreciate any info on experiences on chemo (fatique, nausea, could you work, etc...). I know this is a lot of questions, but I appreciate any replies. Thank you.....

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Hello KierstenRx, my husband has Stage 4 rectal cancer with Met to Liv diagnosed 1/06. He had Avastin with 5 FU also with pump. In July he had rectal surgery and liver surgery. We then had 29 Rad treatments. The burnt area was unreal, he actually was so raw he would bleed. The only thing I could find that worked for the burns was a RX called Xclair, its a cream and works well and its not a mess like Silvadene.Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. We are now getting ready to do 4 more months of chemo.

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Welcome to the semi-colons! If you read my page, my first cancer experience sounds similar to yours...
I got burned on my backside from the rads...and silvadene burned like the devil, so I switched to cornstarch and Aquaphor (didn't wear anything tight there, either). The burns clear up quickly after rads stop. But, yes, I would actually put a washcloth in my mouth so my family wouldn't hear me scream...this, too, got better pretty quickly after rads stopped.
I then had a low bowel resection, and a total hysterectomy. I must add I was 49, and already starting the menopause dance...AND my mom is a endometrial cancer survivor, so I wanted it OUT!!!

I had hot flashes/night sweats for about a month following the surgery...sometimes felt like my bed was my own private hot tub!!! I wore cotton t-shirts to sleep in...VERY absorbent.

I wanted to have the best possible chance of survival, so I did what I thought was right. I told my surgeon (who specialized in low resections...you can still feel the scar from the outside with a finger...although, who would want to?). Told him to take anything else I didn't need while he was in there...lol!

I just went for my third 6-month check on Friday...everything looks GREAT!

I'll let someone else share with the chemo...

Mail me here if you want anytime!

Hugs, Kathi

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hello kierstn,
i think i can help, i am a 38 year old female who was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer in feb of 2005, i did have all the problems you have described. first off about the bathroom thing i did have pain when going to the bathroom, that will change after surgery as you know radiation is really hard on the body. i must warn you however after my rectal surgery, i had a sleeping bladder for 6 weeks, i had to be straight cathed for 6 weeks every 2-4 hours.they said that when i had surgery, due to the manipulation of all the organs that my bladder had tilted just a touch and that was the problem. i did ask to have a full hysterectomy just for safety, i had no cancer in that area but i didnt want to take any chances, i had it at the same time as my rectal surgery, i also had reconstruction of the vaginal wall and a permenant colostomy at the same time.be careful with the lortab, it is very constipating and very addicting. i found that darvocet works better for me in regaurds to pain sometimes stronger pain meds is not always better.i also had the chemo you will be having after surgery. wow sounds like you and i were meant to be friends even though it had to be on these terms. lol the chemo is not real bad as far as nausea, fatigue is horrible and i cant imagine you being able to work.i know i couldnt, your hair will get thin but it will not fall out. talk to your doctor about blood clots as adenocarcinoma patients seem to be more prone to getting those i had one in my arm, my port a cath threw a clot. please feel free to contact me any time i am glad to help anyway i can. also please read my web page it may help as well. stay positive and beileve in prayer, it changed my life, i want you to know that i was given only 2 years to live and no chance at remission. today thanks to the lord and a very positive attitude i am cancer free and have been for 9 months now. god bless you kiersten and as i said before please dont hesitate to ask me anything. i am here for you.
sending you hugs

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I cannot help with radiation only with the FLOFOX regime. I was DX with Stage II, NO/MO colon cancer and had the FLOFOX regime which included 5FU, Oxiplatain (sp?) and Lecovorn (sp?) every other week. Some of the side effects I had were:

Tingling and numbness of feet and hands
First bite pain
Redness of face and neck area
Burning sensation of throat and chest. Took Nexium during Chemo
Sudden rash, but went away same day
Increased heart rate
Small little red (pin head size) dots on legs

I had emergency colon cancer surgery in 7/06. Started Chemo on 18 Aug 06 and back to work in Sept 06.

Keep in mind that each chemo regimes will affect everyone differently.


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Hi Kiersten!

Welcome but so sorry to hear about your dx. I was dx'ed in Feb 05 at age of 34 with rectal cancer. At the time they thought it was in my liver and therefore stage IV, but I it turned out to not be crc in the liver. So now I was either stage II or III, probalbhy III.

Sorry to hear about radiaton problems. I was in a lot of pain with bowel movements. I use topical lidocaine. I applied right. before I went and it numbs things a little. I had a temporary ileostomy put in soon after the radiation. So it gave my bum a break from having this passing through.

I wanted to have a hysterectomy. But ended up being talked out of it by couple docs. Actually one thought I should have overies out. But most of them said no. (I talked to several including radiation onc, two surgeons, gynocologist, and main onc. One of the surgeons had concerns about bladder function if my uterus was removed.

All said though I kind of regret not having it all taken out. I'm still in menopase...and I worry about cancer in that area.

Its very hard decision especially with your family history.

I could ramble on more...e-mail me anytime if I can help somehow!

Take care - you will get through this and be on the mend in no time.


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