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Am I thinking ahead TOO much?

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Mary from WI here (again)!
Hi everyone! I hope you are all safe, happy, and feeling good today and always! ;)

After I talked with my mom last night (history: dx 1/06 Stage IV Colon Cancer & on 2nd round of different chemo combination) and she gave me the name of the two chemo drugs she will be starting on Monday (Camptsar & Ertviux sp???) I "probably" made this mistake...

I went online and researched the different chemo drugs they actually have for colon cancer. And I got myself "all upset"; sitting here crying in front of my computer because...

My mom has already been on (4) of these drugs and with starting these (2) other new drugs... what if these don't work either?

Then what?
Are there other combinations?

And we are all (and always have been) thinking positively about this whole situation - especially my mom! Through this whole thing her spirit and attitude have been absolutely amazing.

So, I know I should probably "be shot" for even writing this stuff but again; I think I was thinking and doing TOO MUCH research last night so...

Basically what I am asking all of you is, "Am I crazy or what?" ha! ha!

Mary from WI

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Oh, Mary (from WI)-

It is so hard not to look at that Internet data. Remember the semicolon mantra (I associate it with Stacy, but I may be mistaken - namely "odds are for Vegas; expiration dates are for dairy products.") So, please try not to be too bummed by the stats out there - lots of them are based on old data AND every individual is different.

I for one am not going to "shoot you" - don't think anyone else will either. I wish the best for your Mom and it may well be that this new regimen is just the ticket she needs.

Take care (and I am thinking of you),

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Hi Mary,
No you are not crazy you are just looking out for what is best for your Mom.

As far as the new regimen, take it one day at a time. When my cancer started to spread in my lungs my oncologist gave me about 6 different drug protocols to try, with one being no chemo.

There is always hope and just hang in there and help take care of your Mom


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Howz about looking into nutrition, supplements, exercise?

Nutritions - Very strong correlation between nutrition and health, see Patrick Quillin "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" and Ann Fraham "A Cancer Battle Plan".

Supplements - just one example, in countries where there is low selenium content in the soil, people have high rate of cancer, more than mere coincidents. Also see Patrick Quillin's book.

Exercise - gets a little seratonin going, if anything, it makes you happier. Then there is the oxygen and burning blood suger, both starves the cancer.

There's so much of "what" in addition to and beyond chemo. They do take some effort, but life is worth fight for.


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....don't foget a daily dose of LAUGHTER...got ME thru!!!!

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My dear, wonderful angel...yes, sadly, the internet is a VERY SCARY place!!! Luckily, we here don't put much stock in the stats...remember, I'm the one that is supposed to be dead and gone, June 2005....and I'm NED on 2 cancers????

My wonderful oncologist (my NEW one...hehehehe) said there have been times she has gone to the 5th 'line' (round) of chemo, and THEN gotten GREAT results!!! It's tough on the body, but, well, if you keep the spirit strong, miracles do happen, and often!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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You asked and my answer to you is YES you are thinking way too much. I am supposed to be dead or at least dying today according to my docs and the internet numbers and am neither!!!!!!! I am NED and doing great.

I don't like to trash the docs too much but they are not God nor do they know near as much as they think they do. How could their studies ever measure internal fortitude, belief, faith, attitude, or nutritional science? That is not what they are trained or schooled in.

They are schooled in medical science (aka medicines/drugs) and there is nothing wrong with that BUT there is much more to each of us then that and I look forward to the day they understand and embrace that.

Has your Mom changed her diet so her body can help her fight the ******* cells? I hope she is "akalining her diet". Goggle ph chemical balance of foods to learn more about it if you like. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment but hates an alkaline one. That is what has worked for me so far.

And I have a gun (to shoot snakes) but can't find the shells (bullets), so no way I can shoot you. I wouldn't anyway.

And you are not crazy, you are just a wonderful, loving daughter.

Lisa P.

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Hi Mary from WI,
I know exactly what you are talking about. My mom also has stage 4 colon cancer, and there have been numerous(to many to count)nights that I have sat in front of my computer crying my eyes out. I have even thought about shooting myself-but only in the foot with a BB gun! Ha-ha!

Anyhow, I know how bad it can get when you play the "what if" and "thinking too far ahead game." I have done it myself and it gets me no where but CRAZY!! Try to focus on the here and now-there is a new plan of attack and it is going to work!!

Also, we became very pro active with other treatments to help my mom fight her cancer. Scouty touched on it in her post.

Have faith, you guys will find the right combo that is going to work for your mom. She is very lucky to have you in her corner. I will keep your family in my prayers.


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The internet is like a burning fire. It can be useful, but can also burn you. Just remember the stats are based on all colon cancers. Some of them happen to people without good medical care, some of them are too far gone to treat or too old to help very much, too young for the doc to test until too late. Your mom is one of the lucky ones and is receiving good treatment and has the right attitude and support, and will beat this if it is the will of God. Hang in there. She is still here for a reason which may have more to do with making you grow as a person in some way. I don't know, but remember your mom is on the good list. Ok, I'm writing TOO much. jams

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Mary your not crazy...:)Just hang in there and we shall keep praying the new drugs are the ticket.


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Dear Mary:
I read your posting and my heart went out to you. Your words resonated with me and I have to say that I decided long ago to stop looking at internet statistics, etc. They broke my heart.

I learned that much of the data on the internet was based upon research & outcomes gathered over the previous 50 years. That is, many of the grim statistics are based on old protocols and drugs -- and they don't reflect the way new treatments and drugs are CHANGING the odds! Some amazing drugs, and drug combinations, have come out in the last few years and I believe there are some amazingly aggressive surgeons out there. (I found one!)

I forced myself to stop looking at internet statistics and found a first rate oncologist. I put my trust in my oncologist, and God, and now, when I have to look up something on the internet, my husband does it for me. The only way I've been able to fight is to ignore the dark statistics!! And focus on each day....not looking ahead to worst-case scenario's. It's hard, I know, but it's helped me.

Some other survivors may feel differently about internet research, but it's the decision I've had to make to help me think positively.

Of course, the internet is great way to touch base with other survivors to get valuable feedback about specific issues.

FYI: I was diagnosed in 5/05 with one rectal tumor, 12 tumors in the liver, and 4 suspicious lung spots. At first I was told I was inoperable and the stats were grim. I refused to give in and sought 2nd and 3rd opinions. The liver tumors were resected, the rectal tumor resolved completely on chemo, and the lung tumors will be removed in Jan/Feb. Hopefully, then I'll be NED.

Your mom is so lucky to have such an intelligent, caring daughter. You're NOT crazy, just loving. I wish you all the best!!!

Aileen Hamilton

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