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I am still quite crazy about these lymph nodes
being enlarged by the para-aortic retroperitoneal
area. I went into the hospital for one thing and came out with another thing. I am looking all over the place about enlarged lymph nodes. I am trying to keep a postitive out look that the lymph nodes could be enlarged for other reasons. According to the cat scan the lymph nodes measured
2 cm. I do not have any pain in that area. But I also have the remaining part of the colon (transverse and descending) This has been showing
profuse disuse colitis. I was scheduled to have the rectum and remaining part of the colon removed in January. but now with the back problem
The surgery is delayed. Thanks for all your support. This disease is horrible. I can count on all my freinds on this site for advice.

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I also put this under your last post:

I know there are standing MRI's, is there any chance there is a standing PET scan somewhere? Worth checking out. Lymph nodes can get crazy for a number of reasons.

You are being shot at from so many fronts, why don't you focus right now on easing the back pain? We saw the potential for breast cancer on my first PET scan for the CRC. We all decided that the CRC was more important. So, we sort of left the breast alone until after the treatment for the CRC. It gave me one thing to focus on. Too many fights at once weaken our ability to be effective.

Hugs from a "When is enough, ENOUGH?" survivor....

Hugs, Kathi

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I am sending big hugs your way


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Call your doc and talk about your fears. If you don't trust what they are saying try someone else. Could be all of the medication you are on. Even when it is necessary to take, pain pills can make your thinking a little cloudy. I have you in my prayers. jams

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