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Hi Everyone,

I by no means mean to intrude on someone elses space but if this study is still going on it might be worth your time to check out.I just finished a similar study and found it very thought provoking and that's to say the least,mine was face to face though with other women(both sexual preferences,it didn't matter)but I think this one is by phone .Anyway I copied it from another site I visit and thought it was a good thing to share.Here it is:

Researchers seek Lesbians, Bisexual women, and Women who Partner with Women for a study on Sexual Functioning with Breast Cancer

Most of our knowledge about sexual functioning with breast cancer comes from the experience of heterosexual women
Help us improve our understanding of the issues faced by sexual minority women

Join our Study:
Sexual Wellbeing in Sexual Minority Women
with Breast Cancer

*One Time Mail Survey *
*Receive $20 for the completion of the survey*
* Your participation is voluntary*

This study is conducted being by Boston University School of Public Health and
Is funded by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

If you have any questions about this study, call
Brandy Allen

Thank you for your participation!!

Hope it's still going and it is taken advantage of--Have a Merry Christmas!
PS Don't give up,if you give them your info. and they have some other study going on later they will contact you.That's how I found out about mine,I had signed up for something else over a year ago(didn't qualify) and had forgotten about it,then an email popped in my box a week and a half ago-suprise and a short notice but I'm glad I took the time.

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Thanks Sue,

But, I am a colorectal cancer survivor, not breast.

Lisa P.

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Hi Sue,
I will check it out even if the issues I face are personal. I do have a partner but with the diagnosis of breast cancer our relationship has been a struggle.
Good of you to check on other sites, this is not actually a haven but it's nice to know of others going through similiar situations.
I've been lucky since Tara had so many side effects that her knowledge has really helped me at a year and a half past treatment. I can't tell you how valuable this web page is.
HUGS and Bless You All, Have a Merry Christmas.
And I'll definately check in more often. Actually the posts on the B/C board have been pretty scarce. So, I love peeking in on the Semi-Colons who are so active and fun.
Kathy R.

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