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Saw the onocologist...

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Hi Everyone,
Hope this finds you all doing well. Saw the onocologist today, real positive.Recommended chemo because of the perforation. He said my husband will get the FLOFOX (is that right?)regimine. He has an appt. for the port to be put in after the Christmas and chemo will start after that. They offer a complimentry visit with a nutristiionist when you are going on chemo so we have an appt. on Monday. Oh and then he brings up the spot on my husbands kidney that was found on the CT scan that we were told was either a cyst or stone. He ordered a ultrasound of his kidneys to make sure that what it truly is. Now my question, why would he question it I would think that the person who read the CT scan would know the difference between a cancerous tumor and a cyst! Anyways after the visit my husband was really quiet. I finally asked what his thoughts were and he looked at me and said "it just hit me I have cancer" he said the surgery was no big deal cut it out and be on your way but now the chemo thing really brought it home. That kinda of threw me for a loop. I was expecting chemo and was prepared and I thought he was too, but I guess he was hoping for something else. And the kidney thing threw us both for a loop, now do we worry that it could be cancer too? Oh the ups and downs. You know 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a blood disorder (low platlets) and the treatments and the worry with that wasn't even half as bad as this still isn't, but with that it was me and I could handle the bad and good news, with him I just want to take it away and give it to me so he doesn't have to go through this! Sorry for the rambling. So I know I've read alot about side effects but if anyone has a tips, suggestions it would be great, I think I'd like to get any info and put it in a book to refer to when all this starts. So glad I can come here it feels like home...

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Hi there!

You're an angel to be such a passionate caregiver to your husband.

Chemo is hard but it's not insurmountable. One of the best ways to get ready for it is getting and reading the Patrick Quillin book "Fighting Cancer with Nutrition". It has a world of information on how to stay strong and healthy during chemo. I strongly, strongly recommend it for you and your husband.

Best of luck to you two!


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There is some time when the diagnosis that we have hits us. For me it was the first time I was told that my biopsy showed cancer and not just an ulcer. Then there are additional times it hits us again. Going on chemo is one of them. It is part of the ups and downs we all feel with this disease. Your husband will be getting the Folfox treatment. The main side effect usually noted is cold intolerance, especially for the hands and feet and throat and then a peripheral neuropathy with numbness in the fingers and toes. Regarding the spot in the kidney, ask your doctor for a copy of the report. The CT scan should show if it is suggestive of cancer or if there is a question about it. I don't understand why they would say it could be a stone or a cyst. There is such a difference in density between those it should be clear.

Good luck in sorting it out. We will pray that your husband and you do well in fighting the beast.


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My husband has had a "possible (probable) cyst" on his kidney noted on every scan. I asked the surgeon if they were sure it was a cyst, and he said the only way to know that was an ultrasound. My husband has not had an ultrasound, but it has been noted as stable for 2 years now.

If my husband had not had a PET scan right after surgery, I would have probably insisted they do the ultrasound. I also knew they would be watching it.

Mary Ann

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Yup, it hits us each at a different time. And then the decision comes...fight or retreat. Unfortunately, retreat has it's own troubles. I HATE losing, so I fought as hard as I could.

As far as the CT scan. My CT scans, every time, show 3 'suspicious' cysts on my liver. This showed before my resection, and my gastric surgeon checked it out while he was in there. They were cysts. I had also had an ultrasound beforehand. Ruled out cancer.
The radiologist, depending on how thorough, will report everything that has a POTENTIAL for ANYTHING other than 'normal'. Then, as was already said, you have a starting point to watch for changes. They are doing their job, thank goodness! Unfortunately for we patients, we then are so terrorized by the beast, that we see things worse than they are. If you trust hubby's medical team...put some of the worry off on them...I LOVE my team, and know they would be there on the spot if anything, including my cysts, would indicate a problem.

As far as chemo advice, WATER!!! I drank, and still try to drink, 2 quarts of water a day. Keeps you hydrated, but also flushes the chemo faster from the kidneys, bladder, etc.

Hugs, Kathi

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I am with your husband on the surgery vs chemo thing. I got over my resection relatively easily but was scared to death upon my first chemo visit.
It might be helpful if he visits the chemo room where he will get his treatments. He will see alot of sick patients. I did not visit the chemo room and it was a big shock to me on my first day.The anxiety of your first treatment can get the best of you.
I found that chemo really was not as bad as it could be. Antinausea medicatations help out, make sure he asks for it when he needs it.
As far as side effects, I still have my hair and haven't lost an ounce of weight. I am one of the lucky ones. (see my picture on my web page)

But with chemo the treatment will make you feel kinda lousy for a few days and then you will bounce back and feel good again. Its remembering those good feeling days that get me over the lousy days.

Hope this helps and hope you both can enjoy the Holidays!


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Happy to see you're hanging in here:) My hubby is on Folfox 6 too. Loke some others, he hasn't lost any hair but has gained weight as he recieves large doses of steriods in IV regime. Water is cricial but can be very difficult for some esp. the first few days when you really need it to flush out the chemo.....if water is a problem then just remember to stick with non-caffeine beverages.
As far as really grasping all the information.. we're all different...sometimes it does take a bit of time to digest as everything is coming at you so fast and descions need to be made. Again, good to hear from you, Ginny

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sorry for the spelling errors....time for bed...goodnight!

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