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will the pain ease up while on chemo?

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Since we found out my dad's cancer was back, the onc has him on oxycodone and oxy IR. He will probably start chemo next week, but I am wondering how he is going to function or even walk into the drs office while on this medicine. Is the pain always going to be there? or will the chemo help? His mets are in his lungs and abdomen.


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Hi Jessie, my dad had mets to his lungs and abdomon also. He was on oxycodone and it realy helped with the pain. If the chemo shrinks the tumors then it should ease some of the pain. Where is his pain from? My dads was in his lung area. He will be able to walk and function while on oxycodone my dad did. Good luck. Mindy

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My dad is having pain in his abdomen/groin. I don't know if it is b/c of the cancer or his kidney failure. The catheter is helping bring his kidneys back to normal. We are hoping the pain was from the bladder and kidneys not functioning well and not the cancer. That is good to know about your dad.

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My pain decrease with the treatment...I was at first on max dose Vicodin...

Tell him NOT to be a 'pain hero'....suffering is not good for fighting the fight...I was worried about becoming an addict...
Over the course of my 2-year fight, I was on every major opiate known to man....sigh...bowel obstructions are MURDER! I now am on nothing stronger than Tylenol (except when I messed up my BACK...(old lady stuff) THEN it was Naproxen...

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi, My husband, John (stage IV - 10/04) has had severe pain almost constantly since 8/04. It was the only symptom he had that something was wrong. He is on quite a bit of oxycodone and oxycontin. He also takes neurontin which helps with the pain control. When John's pain is managed he actually functions much much better than when he is in pain. He cannot function when the pain becomes uncontrolled. When John takes his pain medications he carries on with his daily routine - you would not be able to tell that he was on any medications if you sat down and talked to him. If you have more questions I can help you with-please let me know.

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