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Bc mets to liver

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Hi, anyone out there with Breast Cancer mets to liver? did you have any symptoms? My doctors have been "watching" my liver for years (since dx of bc). I had stage 1 bc, had a mastectomy with immediate tram flap reconstruction, then 4 rounds of AC chemo, and am almost 4 years into tamoxifen. Since chemo, I have developed type 2 diabetes and most recently, arthritis in several places. they are saying that I have a fatty liver, but I'm concerned it might be more than that. The ultrasound showed nothing unusual, and they say that it feels like it's the right size, shape, etc. However, I feel bloated all the time, and feel like my upper stomach is distended. I also have fairly regular right side pain (dull ache). And, my liver enzymes in the last two appointments were (June 06: AST 64, ALT 106; then in october 06: AST 145 and ALT 161). This both seems high, and a big jump in 4 months. Should I be concerned? And what testing should I be asking for? any advice is greatly appreciated. Would love to hear others stories about bc mets to liver. Thanks. Barb K.

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Hi Barb -

This is Betsy from the colorectal message board. I don't know much about breast cancer, but I do have Stage IV colorectal with liver met.

Just wanted to let you know that I am NED now (since scans following my second round of chemo - I had 6) - 15.5 months NED right now.

I never had any symptoms from my liver met(s).

Have you asked for a PET scan (it's a nuclear medicine test - they inject you with radioactive glucose - then scan you after you've rested for a while - theory is that cancer cells uptake glucose at a more rapid rate due to their rapid metabolism - this shows up on scan and can indicate whether some structural oddity is cancer or just a structural oddity.

Ask about it, if you haven't already.

Good luck and feel free to email on this site.


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I have been newly dx with breast cancer (8/5/2009) there is a suspicoius lesion on my liver. I go this Tuesday for a PET scan to see what this area is. Ultrasound highly suggests metastatic disease.

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