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I am from the Colon Cancer discussion board, but need help from you guys. I have a very good friend that was told her mother has a "primary" brain tumor that has filtered through the brain. Years ago she was Dx with Stage 1 colon cancer and their Onc Doc stated that the brain tumor was NOT associated with the colon cancer.

She lost her father to melonomia (skin cancer) a few years ago and now she is really afraid of losing her mother. She is 72 years old and WANTS to fight this beast and win. I am "assuming" that the tumor is considered Stage IV due to the filters it has throughout the brain. Good news is that she is scheduled for brain surgery on Thursday, 14 December and the doctor has stated it will help and could prolong her life. She will also do radiation after surgery.

Right now my friend could use ALL the good and positive stories out there.



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    and sorry you have a reason to be in here!( if you know what I mean)....
    My mom has a brain tumor GBM IV. Shes had 3 surgeries, Rad., Chemo waffers, Chemo pills and now she had been on a trial that uses a man made protein made from the scorpion venom mixed wth radioactive iodiane....Crazy isnt it!....Moms doing well...and Dec.28th will be our 1 year mark. Moms tumor is very aggressive as you can guess with what shes been through. BUT there is hope. We are expecting to coast for a while now..I hope a long while....

    Your friend may want to come to the CHATS in here..these broads just dont get the traffic that the chats do...There are alot of brain tumor survivors that join the chats reg.

    This is a major rollercoaster.(as she knows from losing her Dad).hang on and keep fighting...

    Take care and good luck.
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    hello, my name is Tammy and I am a brain cancer survivor. I had surgery Dec.30th 2005, and I did 30 treatments of radiation followed by chemo for 10 months. Survival is possible. I hope her surgery went well today. GOD BLESS
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    I am brain cancer survivor. diagnosed 8 yrs ago,class 2 astrocytoma,had gammaknife radiation, in july 07 tumor went to almost class 4,removed at crawfordlong/emory hospital in atl, ga. I have had radiation & chemo pills, doing good. I had bad reaction to the chemo pills (temodar) and only took for 1 month. don't give up, there are breakthrus and new treatments constantly. look how far they have come since I was diagnosed in 1999. I am 50 yr old female and I will never give up hope. Praise the Lord and he does heal!