Stage IV Colorectal Survivor

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I've found so many inspiring stories here! Thank you.

If anyone is interested, I'm making progress in my fight against stage IV colorectal and I thought my brief story might inspire someone else.

I'm a 44 year old female and I was diagnosed in 5/05 with many met's to the liver. I was told I was inoperable and things were grim. I chose not to believe it, when on aggressive chemo course (Folfox, Avastin, etc.) and my tumors began shrinking dramatically. I used visualization techniques every day. My primary (rectum) fully resolved using only chemo and has not reoccured in 16 months. I found a throughly aggressive surgeon at MDA who took out all 12 liver tumors. For the past year, I've had no reoccurences, but have been watching 4 very, very tiny, suspicious lung spots. They finally lit up on a PET scan and I'm nearly finished with my pre- lung surgery chemo. Hopefully, I'll have these lesions removed in Jan./Feb. Then more post-surgery chemo.

Obviously, I'm not out of the woods. I'm still fighting the good fight and I hope to be NED by Spring of '07. My doctors are now cautiously optimistic and I pray everything goes well.

I only say all this to hopefully give someone else a ray of hope. My story was very desperate in the beginning, but things are looking up.

Thank you all!


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    Thanks for posting this. We have many new people on the board and it always helps for them to see posts like this. Sending you good vibes that chemo does its job on those new spots. HUGS.

    Lisa F.
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    I am sending you good wishes and prayers that everything turns out good for you. Thanks for posting an inspiring story for everyone to read..Audrey
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    Great story! Sounds like you are fighting the good fight. Who is you doc at MDA? My treatment was in Dallas for Stage IV and I'm also NED. jams
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    Hi -

    Great post - you and I were diagnosed about the same time. Stage IV also. Positive news like yours is great to share with all the new people.

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    stage 4 rectal cancer in remission and have been for 10 months. the fight can be won, my thoughts and prayers are with you through the rest of the fight. thanks for the inspiring story

    hugs lynn
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    Keep it up!!!! I just print screened your thread...have a friend with stage IV in need of a good story....

    Hugs, Kathi
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    You are such an inspiration! Thanks so much for your post! It just fills me with such hope, joy and a renewed belief in the indomitable human spirit.

    You go, live, heal and thrive!

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    Oh it is good to read your story. I am a 40 yr old female diagnosed in 6/04. I too have numerous lesions in my liver and just recently found more in my lungs, both inoperable. I am fighting along with you. Been on Folfox, Folfiri and now xeloda.

    Can you give me further detail on the visualization techniques that you use?

    Praying to be NED in 07!