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re: Envita Clinic

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Joined: Oct 2005

Has anyone heard of or know of someone who's been to Envita? It is an alternative treatment center that costs a fortune but claims they put cancer in remission. Would love to hear from anyone who has info.


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I have no direct knowledge. However,I am suspicious of any claims without a basis other than testimonials unless I know the person who actually went there. If you have alot of money it probably does not hurt to try it but I would guess there are other alternative treatments that are less costly.


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I am a newbie and will send an intro later this week, but I had to answer this. I live in Arizona and went to Envita. It is an impressive place, however I do not like that they DO NOT keep track of their patients. As in they have no success percentages. Maybe it is because I am a CPA, but I like numbers, especially when they want you to spend $40,000 and it is not covered by insurance. I was just curious and frustrated with western medicine when I went a few months ago. After visiting SLoane Kettering last week in NY and got their opinion, I now fell much better about my treatment plan.

So my first hand opinion........I am very skeptical of them.

Tempe, AZ

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