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low red blood platlets

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Any scoop on ways to get this number to rise? My hubby is getting low and I don't want to miss his chemo? Thanks everyone!

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Unfortunately this number just has to go up on its own. Is he eating well? JADot always says about "good" protein. Maybe that will help some but I had the same problem when I was on chemo. I just had to sit out a session until they went back up. The doc can't even give you a shot. The only way he can fix it is to give you a transfusion which they only do when they are REAL low. HUGS and here is good vibes that they never go too low.

Lisa F.

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These things always happen. Low White Blood Counts, Red Counts and Platlets. When one of these situations happens the Onc Doc usually will have the person skip a treatment so the counts can increase and usually they do, but with white and red counts there are shots and like Lisa stated, the only way to repair platlets is by a transfusion. Skipping a treatment will not hurt and there have been many people and stories on this board of missing more than one treatment and doing fine. Keep the faith.

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Ask your oncologist about Leukine injections. This drug is primarily used for raising white blood cell counts, but in some patients has a side effect of raising platelet counts. Hopefully this can be of benefit to your husband. In addition to missing (or delaying)sessions, the oncologist may reduce the dosage of some of the chemotherapy drugs, which may also help.
Good luck to you and your husband.

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