23 yr old daughter dancing with NED

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hi again everyone. just think of me as your quiet relative--i'm part of the family but i don't talk very much. i read all the time and owe alot to all of you who share so much information and so much of yourselves. i wanted to give you an update on my daughter. brief history, she was only 22 years old when she was dx april 05 with stage 3 rectal, 6 positive nodes. before she was even able to begin treatment, she spent 10 days in the hospital with a terrible infection following a transrectal ultrasound with needle biopsy. after recovering, she had chemo, surgery, radiation, more chemo and finally DONE on may 22nd. she just had her 6 month scans and she is still NED! we are beyond grateful. she graduated from college 4 days before her last treatment. (her home infusion nurses used to give her 5fu and leucovorin right in her dorm!) she's working full time now as an engineer and just bought herself a bright red mini cooper convertible!

through it all, she has been our inspiration. perhaps someone reading this is at the beginning of their scary journey and will realize there is so much light at the end of the tunnel. happy holidays to all of you. we are all warriors in this together.


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    Thanks so much for sharing Susan!!!

    What a great story and I sure hope you have a photo of her sitting in that car, I for one would like to see it if you do.

    Lisa P.
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    such a great story! i was 24 at time of dx (six months ago) and am stage IV but i am so encouraged by your daughter's status. i can't wait to meet NED! your daughter sounds like such a fighter, please congratualte her on all of her accomplishments for me :)
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    Awesome news, Susan! I think the red Mini Cooper convertable has got to be the topper!

    Have a great holiday

    - SpongeBob
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    Wow, Susan, your daughter is an inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing her story. Her journey will serve to help others as well as give her insight that few others her age will share.

    Hugs to you both,

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    Wow, so young. WOOOHOOO!!! What great news, what a great holiday gift.

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    Susan -

    What wonderful news. Chemo in a dorm room - wow! Your daughter is a real hero! Thanks for sharing your great news and the image of her buzzing around in her mini cooper!

    Take care,
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    thank you for all your kind words. if i could figure out how to post a picture of her in her new red car, i would! susan
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    Isn't NED a handsome devil??? Even WITH a few scars here and there....



    Hugs, Kathi
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    Thank you. Anyone reading this at the beginning, middle, or anywhere along the journey will be inspired and humbled. Thinking of you both/all.