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Upcoming colonoscopy and CAT scan...

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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted in a while, but I read your posts everyday. Hope you are all doing well. My dad is going for his first follow-up colonoscopy on Thursday and then for his CAT scan on Monday. We won't get the results from the CAT scan until the following Monday. I have been very anxious because of these upcoming tests. The last scan was NED, but I am so worried since my dad has been off of the chemo since September. I'm asking for your prayers for good results with both. You are all always in my prayers.

Thank you, and God bless,


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You got it Lee!!!!!!

The news will be good since your Dad is working so hard.

Lisa P.

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I will be praying for GREAT results. Keep me posted!!
Keep the faith,

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Lee -

Keeping your dad and you in my prayers.

- SB

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I'll be praying for your dad.


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Hi Lee,

We will be praying POSITIVELY for NEGATIVE tests.


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HI Lee,
It has been a while. Sendng prayers to your way. Keep us posted.

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Sending prayers and best wishes your way. Waiting is so hard. Please let us know when you hear.

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Hi Lee,

You remain an awesome son and caregiver.

All my positive thoughts and prayers for continued good testing results. I know how hard waiting a week for the results will be. Please keep us posted.

Always Believe,



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