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Dad remains NED!

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Well my good folks, after being diagnosed stage 3 with 5 bad lymph nodes in July of 04, my dearest dad, with the help of our good God, remains NED. It has been a hellish week leading up to the results today but again we were blessed with good news.

Thank you so much for all the prayers and I will continue to keep everyone here in mine as well. It will be a blessed holiday season indeed.


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That's wonderful. We love to hear those NED stories. Keep us posted.


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Awesome news, Susana!!!

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That is great news!!!


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THAT IS WONDERFUL NEWS!!! What is just as nice is that people like you take the time to share great stories of victories like this. We all rely on hearing successes to make it through whatever may be hanging over our heads.

I hope your family has an extra special holiday season now that you have this great news!!!!


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