Post Renal Cell Carcinoma Test

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My husband had RCC in the left kidney back in March and they did a left nephrectomy,and so he has been going for blood work and chest x rays every 3 months and yesterday was his second set of 3 month check up and they did the blood work and all,and he said the chest x rays looked good,but the nurse called back this morning and said his blood work had came back and his glucose was 256 which is high I know,but she called something else which was abnormal and I asked her what that meant and she said it was the kidney function not working like it should.Has anyone else had this to happen to them.His Prostate was also infected bad so I was just wondering if anyone else had this to happen to them??? Any info would help.My husband was only 37 years old the day of his surgery and the ER Dr accidently found the cancer.He never had the first symptom of RCC.Thats whats scary is we don't even know what might be growing inside us.


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    I had my surgery just 2 months before my 37th b-day. I also had no symptoms other than some side pain that was disregarded by the first 2 doctors I went to. That's even more scarey to me -- they don't even do a diagnostic & decide it's all in your head. I've been lucky in that my kidney function is good, no blood work issues. What stage was your husband's kidney cancer? also, there are different sub-types (chromophobe, clear cell, etc) some are more likely to recur than others. Do you know the sub-type?
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    Having had TCC and nephrectomy of Left 5th. Sept 2001 - The only comments I can intelligently make is 'good luck' but to take a risk as to the Kidney function - don't panic it may be a transition stage - howmuch is he drinking as he should be looking at at least 6 pints of non tea, coffee, canned drink or alcohol - water is a good start ;-) better tap water than bottled as there is some controversy over leachate of carcinogens from the plastics in the bottles and the softeners.
    Now to the prostate - you say 'infect6ed' has he had a PSA test? Prostate Specific Antogen done in bloods? It may take time for his system to adjust but one kidney is more than enough unless one is seeking a career as a drunk! The remaining kidney quite literally grows to accomodate the additional work!

    On the information you have supplied I can ONLY be wrong but it doesn't sound too much to worry about.
    Good luck,
    Greg L-W.