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Something interesting I read

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Celecoxib Significantly Reduces the Risk of Precancerous Colorectal Polyps

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Celecoxib is the clinical name for Celebrex. A lot of oncologists are wary of prescribing Celebrex for their patients because it is in the same pharmacologic family as VIOXX and there has been so much contraversy regarding VIOXX and associated heart issues.

I was taking Celebrex, but my doc switched me to Clinoril - he cited studies that indicate it has a greater effect on inhibiting CRC recurrence than Celebrex and has no documented (yet, anyway) side effects, nor is it in the same pharm family as Celebrex or VIOXX.

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I agree with SB. Clinoril has the same benefit without the heart risks. It is in the same group as aspirin, etc so one needs still to watch for GI side effects like heartburn or ulcers.


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It is good to hear something positive about this product. I recently began taking it for pain in my knees. My doctor said he also takes it.

(I am not the cc patient, my husband is)

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