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Now I am really scared. The oncoligist states
he is grasping at straws. He wants to do another pet/scan/cat scan. Most recent one was July 06.
I just beared thru another MRI yesterday of the lumbar area. Awaiting results. They are trying to determine why these compression fractures. I hope to God the cancer is not back. I am constantly on pain meds (dilaudid). I feel like a walking time bomb. I cannot eat, losing weight. Scared about the upcoming pet/scan. Your friend Fran

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you have so much going on. I will keep you in my prayers-they will sort this all out.
Keep the faith,

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Oh Fran, please hang in there. It is very difficult when you have so many things going on and then the pain makes it more difficult. Are they going to do the biopsy of one of those collapsed vertebrae? That would tell if the cancer had come back to cause the compression fractures. I suspect still that it is the osteoporosis. Are you on any meds for your bones?


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Fran -

I am so sorry for the pain and back issues you are going thru. "Grasping at straws" is very scary, but a PET scan after 5 months is not abnormal - I have one every 3 months.

I will be thinking of you and hoping they can find some reason for these fractures (some reason that isn't cancer). Please keep us posted.

In my thoughts,

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I know how it feels to be scared when you are thinking that the cancer is back. It really sounds to me like something other than cancer could be causing all of this. Please keep the faith. You are in my prayers.


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Even tho I know it is difficult - please try to remain positive that there are other explanations for everything..you are in my thoughts and prayers,

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