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Well last month my ca-125 started back up so today my doctor said I may start doxil Wed. I was on taxetere. I will know what my numbers are tomorrow. I really thought I would get through these 6 treatments and be through, I had 3 of taxetere before my numbers started back up.
Sounds like several people have been on doxil. I hope I am going to able to continue to work, I have usually taken a couple days after treatment with taxetere and then back to work. Any info is welcomed. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the holidays.

God Bless, Jan

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Dear Jan, sorry to hear you have to switch chemos. Doxil is probably easier than others and if you have lost your hair, it will grow back. The main thing is follow all the rules to avoid the hand/foot syndroym and the rashes people get. Nothing hot, nothing binding. Prayers that this one knocks the heck out of those buggers. That they come in like little pacman and destroy all the cancer cells. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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Thank you Bonnie. you always make me feel better.

How are you doing at this point? Prayers and hugs to you too! Jan

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Hey, I just started Doxil today!I was on cisplatin/gemzar (cisplatin in an abdominal port and gemzar in my shoulder port) and my CA125 continued to rise and has now plateaued. I had a 2nd surgery in July; started chemo end of August 'cause my numbers were already elevated. I am so ready for remission time!
Been dealing w/recurrent ovca since 2002 after having had breast ca in 2000. Been on lots of different flavors of chemo and have fared well on all. Here's to remission time for us all!
Good luck - angels surround you, roann

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I'd be very interested to know how you both are faring on the Doxil treatments. I didn't know about the heat restriction and took a hot bath! It was a pretty bad reaction of blisters and itching for 2 weeks. Now, my doc wants to try a half dose and I say how about 30 or 40 per cent? Is your cancer responding to the Doxil, Jan?
And Roann, will you keep us posted?
Thank you both.

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