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My husand was diagnosed with colon cancer in May 2006 after an operation to remove what was thought to be an abscess caused by diverticulitis. His surgeon found (and removed) a large tumor and subsequent tests found colon cancer in three lymph nodes. His first petscan showed no spread of the disease. He was given Xeloda for 4 months, but a recent petscan indicated that his cancer was resistant to Xeloda and had a small amount of spread to a lymph node under his collar bone and several other small occurances. He is now on Avastin and Camptosar . He has had one chemotherapy treatment under the new regime with no significant ill effects.

He feels good. He looks good. (I don't; I'm a mess, but that is another story.)

We're new to this and (as I'm sure it was for others) this is terrifying. We would appreciate any input and support you can give. We are determined to do everything we can to win this battle.



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    Hi,I am new to this too. And I am a mess too. My husband have cancer that went to the liver and used avastin with excelent results. Watch out for blood clots, though. Or stomach pains. I think avastin is a wonderfull new drug and it is shortening chemo buy a lot... Let us know how you are doing . Do you have any kids?
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    I am glad to hear hubby is doing well, but I HOPE he is treating you as his special angel! So many times the caregiver is overlooked, when, in reality, you all have the MUCH tougher job!

    Ask a friend to take you shopping. Or join you for lunch. Anything to make your world seem normal. Ask not to speak about the cancer, etc...

    Yes, the beast is a terrorist, pure and simple. It uses for its own end the very things in our bodies that we need to survive. The only choice we have is to fight back as hard as we can, and realize the beast CAN be defeated!

    YOU need to take care of YOU!!! You can't afford to get sick! There are enough people (docs, nurses, etc) watching hubby...PLEASE make SURE you are watching YOU!!!!

    You caregivers are the real angels, look behind you in the mirror...see? There are REAL wings there!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    sounds like things are going well for you and your husband so far. i am very happy for you in that regaurds. sorry we have to meet like this, i am a stage 4 rectal cancer patient in full remission. there are lots of people on this site that are in remission as well, beileve in gods power to heal and it will be done. i am praying for you. lynn
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    Hi I am the husband and in remission. Great to hear your hubby is doing well. What others have said is very true. You must take care of you or you can not take care of him. And trust me he needs you now more than ever. My wife and daughter were awesome during the really tuff times.I tried to make sure not be selfish and see they got a break. (away from me) So stay stong and keep your faith. Things will work out. I am living proof. 2 yrs still here :) Anything I can help with just ask. I am only an eamil away.

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    WELCOME!!!! Here you will find friends, advice and most of all SUPPORT. It is one BIG family.

    I am glad your husband is doing well.
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    Hi and welcome to the board. I am glad your hubby is doing and feeling well.

    As others have said, it is important to take care of you! My husband was dx'd in June 05 with stage 4 He looks well and seems to be doing well. If we could just get counts to stay high enough for chemo on schedule.

    I understand how you feel. I thought that I would never be able to function again. Some days I still don't. I was so afriad that I would be left alone. That still haunts me. After crying about six months, my doctor suggested I get a little help from Paxil. I agreed and it has really been a help. my friends and church are great too. I am not suggesting that you need mediciaton but if it come to that, keep an open mind. I am not sure how I would have functioned or would continue to function without it. The doctor said I could take it as long as needed. by chooising to take this drug, I was able to get blood pressure under control without additional blood pressure meds.

    There will be better and brighter days. Come here and ask questions and vent if needed. That is why we are here. For each other.
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    I just wanted to say I'm glad you found us but sorry that you and your husband have to go through this. Like others said, take care of yourself. Get out with friends once in a while to take your mind off things even for a little bit. Make sure you are eating right too. I'm stage 3 and getting outside always made me feel better even if it was to just sit in the sunshine for a little bit. If you have kids, make sure you hug them a lot. I believe that hugs are a great medicine. Make sure you get lots of hugs back. I think knowing others go through the same thing makes you feel that you are not alone. Please come here any time to ask questions, vent, tell us how you are feeling, anything you want. We are all a big family and here to give each other support. HUGS. (I'm a very huggy person).

    Lisa F.
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    Words are inadequate, but I want to thank you for your kind and moving messages in reply to my post.

    My bottom line, of course, is to heal my husband with the expertise of our oncologist and any nutritional and supportive care I can give him.

    We are long-time vegetarians (1989) but, because of heart issues which arose two months after my husband's colon resection in May 2006, we are now five months into the low-low-low fat (no cheese, no oil, no nuts, etc.) Ornish diet. I pride myself on my cooking and, so far, I've been able to prepare meals that are healthy, sufficiently high in protein, and appetizing under Ornish's plan. I believe his low-fat, vegetarian plan has to be helpful in fighting colon cancer.

    I know you are all correct that it is important to stay strong and positive and healthy as the caregiver. I will do that.

    I will continue to appreciate any information you can share about treating this disease and how to deal with chemotherapy and nutrition and the frustrations which naturally come with this disease.

    Again, thank you for the abundant kindness you have extended to us.