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There is life after CA

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I am soo sorry that I have not kept up with you guys! You were all so kind to me. I'd like to return the favor.....
There is life after CA...
I was diagnosed Feb 2005--- stage 3 colon Ca with 27 nodes affected! After a hemicolectomy and 6 mo chemo-- CA was found in more colon and had a total colectomy. Was restaged to stage 4 with mets to liver and lung. After very agressive treatment I am now coming up with normal scans every 2 mos. Have not had chemo since March. Starting to gain weight and energy -- hair is back though curly when it used to be straight.

Yes-- there is life after CA!! (during CA also!!!!) Do not give up hope.

Thanks to you all who kept me hopeful. May you receive many blessings yourself,


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Hi Neelie -

This is such great news! I was diagnosed with Stage IV in May 2005, surgery in June, chemo from mid-July thru early December - NED since then (with MANY scans). Yes - there is hope! All of you newcomers - please realize that this is the case.

Take care all,

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Great to hear from you again and shame on you for being AWOL for so long. Don't you do that to us again, we missed you. Great news, I am so happy for you!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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What an uplifting message. Thanks so much for your update! You rock!


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Hello Neelie,
I am new here and have not done many post just learning, and trying to figure who is who, But it's always good to hear news like this. Congrats. Many more blessings to you.

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What wonderful news!! I am so happy for you.

My mom is stage 4-she is not NED yet, but we plan on getting there!

Have faith,

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What a great message! Thank you for sharing the awesome news!


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time for:


I threw my back out yesterday...sigh...dancing is VERY painful...my NEW back is arriving anytime by mail...rofl...

Hugs, Kathi

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Yes! There is life, and it gets better all the time. I was dianosed in July 05 with stage IV and I'm still NED. I had a blood clot in my port that has finally gotten better, and this part is great, I was able to workout today without any pressure from the bloodflow to my head. This has been a problem for me, because the vascular system had to reroute itself due to a clot in the port and whenever I would bend over my head felt like I had been standing on it for an hour, all of the blood would cause pressure and redness. Today was so much better! I've been told that it takes time to get back to your old self. I'm so thankful to have that time.
Looking forward ...jams

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What great news!!!!


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What great news! and thanks for the update.
Enjoy the "chemo curl"; I loved having curly hair for the first time in my life, but it slowly grew out after 2 years.
Best of luck on your continued recovery, and happy healthy New Year! Judy

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I am still trying to get to know my new "mop". Nice to know that eventually it returns to normal!
blessinng to you, judy. Have you been w/out chemo for the last 2 years?? Great!

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