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naturopathic oncology specialist referrals

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Hi everyone. I need some suggestions for a naturopathic doctor for my husband. We have been researching this and would love some personal referrals. Our goal for this doctor is a personalized supplement and nutrition plan. We have tried so many things and are currently on a very restrictive vegan diet, hubbies really missing eggs and cheese. We live in Albuquerque NM, but are willing to travel. I have seen some doctors that appear very good in the Seattle area. Phoenix is a very close area for us, (short flight). Any suggestions, we are tired of our current hit and miss approach. We would like someone that would consult with our oncologist who is very open minded. Thanks a bunch

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I highly recommend a naturopathic doctor that also has a PhD in Clinical Nutrition since they are trained in treating serious chronic diseases like ours with natural/alternative treatments. I found mine by going to all the local health food stores and supermarkets in my area and picking up the free magazines in the front of the store. I found 3 in the ads that mentioned cancer and called and arranged phone interviews with all 3. In the meantime, I had written up a list of questions to ask them. Meeting with my oncologist wasn't a concern with me but since it is for you, you should include it in your questions.

I have to tell you that due to their beliefs and lifestyle practices, it can be hard to find good ones in big cities. They seem to prefer smaller, more personal, and "slower and healthier" places to live. Credentials first, then a one on one talk is what I recommend.

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Lisa P.

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