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topotecan or taxotere

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I have reoccuring ovarian cancer in the chest wall and am being offered a choice of two regiments. topetecan and carboplatin or taxotere and carboplatin. Have any of you taken any of these 3 drugs. Please let me know how effective they were and what side effects you had. I need to make a decision by next week.

thanks for your help


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Eleen, you have a couple of good combo's to choose from. I think fewer people have really good results from topetecan but you don't lose your hair. Those that it does work for really are glad they are on it. For me it only gave me a 7 week remission. I think mopar just finished with the taxotere and carbo and had very good results. I know other woman that have done that as there 2nd and 3rd line of treatmnets and are very happy with their results. I personally have not had either of these combinations. Good luck whichever one you chose. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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