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Rash associated with Doxil

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Can anyone tell me about the rash associated with Doxil

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Doxil rash is no fun, but you can do things to prevent it or not have it get so severe you have to stop treatment. First starting the day before treatment nothing hot - that includes dishwater, showers, cooking and for 5 days after treatment. You also want cool packs for hands and feet. It helps to check or suck on ice chips during treatment. You will want a big jar of Eucerin creme -traditional- no glycerin. I used Instant Ocean for a cool foot soak and also in a tepid bath the week after treatment. You get this at the petstore. I think that is it, oh ya one more thing its after the third treatment that you finally see a drop in your tumor markers. Hope this helps you out. Bonnie

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Is the rash itchy like hives or just sore. The nurse told me no tight clothes, like bras, panty hose, I work everyday and I am really worried about this. Did you say you got Instant Ocean at the pet store or the Eucerin creme? Thanks for your help

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I'm new to this site, but not to recurrent ovca. Just wondering how you're doing with the Doxil. I just started my ttmt today.
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I did 2 rounds of doxil and my ca125 jumped from 132 to 175. CT scan showed only a slight enlargement of a lymph node behind the abdomen, so now i'm starting topocaten.

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