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over 1 yr survivor & recur

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I have not been on here for a while, but I have been thinking of it. I was dia with oc stg 3 in May of 2005. With surgery and chemo, I have been in remission for 1 year in Sept this yr. I feel great and I have been living life so differently than I was BC. Now the cancer has come to pay another visit. 2 spots on the liver. The ovarian cancer has mastisized. I will go through the same treatment as before, carbo/platin. It worked wonders the first time. I just want to let you all know that life does go on with or without oc. I love God and the other 2, and I pray everyday. I love going to church and my walk with God is closer than it has been ever before. I guess I better wind this up, when I got the oc before, I wasnt sure if I was worthy enough to go to heaven, now, I think they may take a second look at me! I am not sure what my prog is, I just knoww that now I am ready to go, but willing to stay. I love God!

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I hope those that are going through cancer for the first time read your post. You are an inspiration and your words will help those that have doubts about their faith and cancer. It is a struggle in a normal life to have peace but when you are in a battle with cancer it can be that much more difficult. Good luck with your treatment and I pray that you will be able to continue your walk in peace.

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Dearest Debbie, thank you so much for sharing. Sending many prayers and hugs your way. You are in a wonderful place, Praise The Lord you are. I pray this treatment puts you in another remission and as you walk the path you're on you continue to feel God's grace and peace. Bonnie

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Thank you both.

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What a wonderful inspiration and positive attitude! Thank you for your post. God bless you . Hugs and prayers coming your way.

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