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Slow Growth of Hair Returning

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I received Taxatere and Cytoxin 4 times-May 11,2006,June 1 and June 22,2006 and the last treatment July 13,2006 for Breast Cancer. My hair did start to come back but the growth has been very slow. It has grown only about an inch, if that. It also seems to be very dry and a little darker and has a little more gray. Before receiving Chemotherapy my hair use to grow about 1/2 inch a month and I would have it trimmed so it would stay at about the same length and not get too long. I am not absolutely sure if it is more gray than it was before Chemotherapy because she would touch up any gray and perhaps I had developed more gray than I thought. However my biggest concern is how slow it is growing back-only about and inch, if that, since my last Chemotherapy treatment July 13,2006. Has anyone experienced this? And if you did experience this did it begin to improve and grow faster? My hair was about shoulder lenth before and at the rate it is growing it will take forever to get back to my original length. And as I said before it is also very dry and I am wondering if that will improve.

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Yup, Kathi here...used to be a redhead, grew back black and silver, course, and THICK!!!!

I cut it short, because I now have curls, too (NEVER before!!!).

Might want to post this on the Breast Cancer board, too...

Hugs, Kathi

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