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Alternative/Complementary rx info

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There was an article in the StarTribune about Penny George (husband is Medtronic ex-CEO). She had breast cancer 10 yrs ago and has become involved in Integrative Medicine where alternative treatments are used along or instead of the standard treatments. The Bravewell Collaboration is a project she helped to start and her husband and her have given millions of dollars to aid in this. I got very excited reading this and going to the website for the Bravewell Collaberation (google it).

The article can be read at:


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Thanks for the info, Dick! I did all different things during my battle...I will check this site out!

Hugs, Kathi

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Thanks Dick! It looks like a great site. Here is the url for the home of the Bravewell Collaborative.


Lisa F.

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went to the site, but they say "file not found"...

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hi dick,

thanks for the heads up. I emailed the journalist who wrote the article and thanked her. This is my neighborhood ( I live in MN) so to speak, so it felt so close to home in more ways than one. I want to contact Penny. The writer is forwarding my email on to her. We'll see what happens if anything.


peace, emily who often feels like the lone voice in the wilderness....

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