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where are you from??

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Hello everyone...
I was wondering if people would let everyone know where they are from...I find it very interesting when reading people's messages and learning where they lay there heads.. I now live in Virgina, orginally from upstate NY...

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Lynchburg, TN which is in southern Middle Tennessee.

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Hi Nana: I'm from Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada

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Hollywood Kali-fornia. Home of Mickey Mouse and Marilyn Monroe.

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Jen and I live in a small country town, Kapunda, about 60 miles north of our capital city called Adelaide in the state of South Australia.
That's the "driest state on the driest continent in the world".....Australia
btw.....Adelaide's sister city in the USA is Austin, TX.

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i am here in bergen county nj, at the foot of the george washington bridge

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from easton, pa.

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HI, My husband and I live about 50 miles east of Pittsburgh.

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Hi Karen, I live at the very top of the North Island, New Zealand. Been here for 30 years, but born and bred in Christchurch,in the South Island.

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Dublin Ireland here. Home of James Joyce and of course Guinness.Also the rugby team that beat Australia recently, (Ross) born here, 47 years of age, today. Spent a few years aimlessly wandering around mainline Europe as a young thing. That was fun.


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Hi Margo, wasn't that a choice game! Sorry Ross and Jen just had to say that!! Go Ireland!!

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No mention of the trinations league though HHMMMMMMM.

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Happy Birthday, Margo, and congratulations on the colonoscopy exam,Greg, from Round Rock,Texas.

We really do have a large round rock in the center of our town which is on the outskirts of Austin.

Hugs to all,


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From Cupertino, CA, home of Apple Computers. Cupertino is about 40 minutes sound of San Francisco.

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I am from VA and currently living in Libya,Africa for 2 1/2 years.

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I grew up outside Kansas City. Moved to Alabama for 22 years (my personalized licence plate is ROL TYD so you know who I rooted for in the Iron Bowl). I've been back in KC for quite a few years, although I don't always like the weather. It was 70 degrees yesterday and today we are in the midst of an ice storm.

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Ok, Joy...having been born in Kansas City, KS and lived in the KC, MO side....

Is it "Misoura (short a)" or "Misoure(long e)"?

Hugs, Kathi

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hi nana,

This is always fun because inevitably we find neighbors and it makes the world seem so much smaller.

Born a cheesehead, moved to Pilsner land and met hubby the ski instructor on the Zugspitz, ran off newly married to Big Sky country, was dragged back from LaLa land to my hometown (hubby was offered a job in the family biz that he couldn't turn down wah wah), sprung outta there after hubby had midlife crisis and went into the ministry, moved to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and am now happily residing in the North Woods on the North Shore of Lake Superior along with the moose, the wolves, the bears, and the mountain lions.

So, who can tell me where I have lived?

peace, emily who lives in her dream house-- a little log cabin on the edge of wooded wilderness.

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ps. ran off WITH hubby to fly fish the Gallatin in Big Sky country! Not without him!!

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We're from the lovely Niagara Region in Canada
thanks for asking

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Hi all,
I missed a few days here, and it willl take days more to catch up!
I'm born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA (mom still lives there) and moved to Boston area 30 years ago (already?).
I've met a few others from this site around here, and a few just passing through town; great place to visit. If anyone gets up this way (hint:wait til spring!) just give a jingle! Judy

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I live in a small town in North Louisiana called Benton. It is about 10 miles from Shreveport, LA and about 3 hours from Dallas, TX


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