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Thank you all for the warm welcome, I wish I had known about this site long ago. But I am here now and you have made me feel right at home. I have found my issues are no different from most. Like chemo brain, healing, and bathroom.
But I am still here. :-)
I forgot to mention I am from Virginia. an old country boy. horse and all, hehehehe Hope it makes someone smile. again Thanks for the warm welcome


  • chynabear
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    Sorry I didn't get to welcome you to the site on your first post, but welcome anyway :)

    I just wanted to let you know that you made me smile.

    I agree, I wish I would have found this site long ago, but I'm glad I found it at all. It has helped keep me sane (well, that's relative) and has helped me cope and get through some bad times and depression.

  • jams67
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    Welcome Russell. At first this site made me more stressed than I already was, but now that I've been off chemo for 8 mo. and still NED, I am more relaxed or used to the idea of ME having cancer. I'm learning to deal with it, and this site has been and is very helpful and supportive. jams (Jo Ann)