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Cancer has metastasized to the brain

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We got the results on Wednesday evening. My Dad has 2 tumours on his brain. To say the least we are devastated. My Dad's scans have continued to show NED everywhere else in his body. It's just so frustrating that his fight has been going so well and now this. We will meet with neurologists and radiation specialists this week to discuss the treatment options. I have done some research and as expected, have found conflicting information. Some report great success with radiosurgery and others report doom and gloom no matter what you do. My father is very upset because he said that anytime he has heard of cancer going to someones brain they didn't have long to go. I could use any advice or information any of you have to offer. Thank You.

Best Wishes,

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Deneen, first so sorry about the rotten news. That must be so devastating after fighting so hard and getting to recovery. Just so sad for you and your father.

This is going to sound far out but I have a friend who's father had brain cancer. After extensive surgeries and unsuccessful chemo treatments his doctors said there was nothing else they could do. I would frequently talk with my friend and was always apprehensive about asking about him because the answer was always dismal.

Several months passed before we spoke and I asked the dreaded "how's your father doing" question. She shocked me by saying he was in remission. Even more shocking is how he did it. His sister hired a Kushi practitioner and put him on a severe macrobiotic diet. Doctors and family were horrified but incredibly, he wanted off all chemo, did exactly what he was told by the Kushi person and it worked. The practioner has worked with Gweneth Paltrow, Sting, etc. and spent several months working with my friend's father cooking and being his caretaker. This sounds hard to believe but I've met the man and discussed the whole process with him. For him it worked like a miracle though he has to follow the regimen exactly for the rest of his life.

Perhaps there is a Kushi practitioner near you that can help. This sounds a little hocus pocus and drastic but I at least wanted to share the story with you.

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Deneen - I wanted to say I am truly sorry to hear about your dad. I have been thinking of you and wondering how you all are doing. I do not know anything about the topic you posted b/c my mom did not deal with that but as always keep searching for the best treatments and don't give up. I will be thinking good thoughts for you and your dad.

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OH, dear, sweet soul! I know you are brokenhearted. The dismal stats usually are for tumors that start in the brain, from what I understand. Mets are usually better, because, to put it the way one doc did for me, "The colon cancer doesn't work well in the brain...it has none of it's usual support of lymph nodes, etc".

I am sending my best hugs to you and to Dad...he is so very blessed to have such a grand daughter watching out for him!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Sorry to hear the news about your father. There are some new machines that can focus the treatment to specific spots of the brain better than previous ones. I would recommend, if you have not done so, to check with one of the major cancer centers. There are some major centers as well around the country that are combining traditional medical treatment with alternative or complementary methods. I am posting a separate report on that. I suggest googling the Bravewell Collaborative where it will give you more information on where that is being done. KathiM is right. Colon cancer mets to the brain have a better treatment success rate than primary brain tumors.

Good luck and we will pray for your father and family.


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I am so sorry to hear this sad and scary news.

I think you have some great advice here already, so I just want to say that there is NO reason why he can't be that small % that beats this thing. You also know how we feel on stats on this site. Focus on the information and not the stats.

Let us know how he (and of course YOU) are doing.



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Deneen -

You might check out the brain cancer board here at CSN - can't vouchfor the content or the participants, but it is a resource.

Keeping your dad in my prayers.


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deneenb, so sorry to hear the news about your dad. keep your heads up and continue to think positive. my prayers are with you all
sending you all hugs, lynn

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I can only say one thing.......LANCE ARMSTRONG !!!

His testicular cancer had also spread to his brain or so the tests showed. Brain surgery was his first surgery and once they cut out the tumors, there was not one single live cancer cell in the lesions. All the cells were dead and he had NOT even had a chemo treatment yet.

But, he did have a very healthy diet, coincidence????? I don't think so.

It can happen!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Lisa, what do you know about his diet? Everything I've read said he ate like he always did. I've been searching to see if he had changed his diet and never found info saying he did. Do you have any links?

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His book said a lot of brocolli and chicken, and fried apple fritters. 2 out of 3 isn't too bad.

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I don't have any advise, but I will pray for your dad and your family.
God bless,

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Like Lisa, the first person I thought of when I read your post was Lance Armstrong. Remember, there are ways to treat this, and I also have heard (like others have already said) that brain mets from colon cancer isn't the same as tumors that originated in the brain. You and your family are in my prayers.

God bless,


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I am so sorry to hear about your father's new tumors. I am hoping that you have gotten some comfort in learning that mets to the brain can be dealt with successfully. Please send your father our love and support.



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So sorry to hear the news of the mets to brain..please know that you and you rDad are in my prayers..take it one day at a time..

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This must be a scary time, but try to hang in there and wait til you get all the facts and recommendations. I know of 2 folks with brain mets, my sister in law's sister with primary breast, and a friend with primary lung, who have have had successful treatment of mets so I know it can be done. Best to you and your dad. Judy

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please keep me posted. I too got brain met bad news, completed 10 full brain radiation treatments. (kick my stamina butt). and next will likely be a new chemo regimen


i will pray for your father and keep a lookout for status posts



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Sending much love and support to you and your Dad.  Definitely look into all the options.  Candles and prayers absolutely coming your way <3


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just wanted to let you guys know.

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oh I just saw this.  A lot of old posts are being pulled up lately!  I have to look at the dates.

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My friend's mom lived for several years with metastasis to the brain.  She did not originally have colon, I'm not sure where here started but she is now in hospice after about 4 years.  4 years is not good news when you are the one with cancer but a lot can happen to improve treatment in 4 years.  Also her mom didn't change much of her lifestyle, no food changes, no exercise although she was very good about all of her appointments and treatments.  My friend said it consumed her soul so that she was always in a state of anxiety.  I think that is also a part of the problem, learning how to let go of the anxiety so you can fight it.  

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