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new to this one and want to say hello

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wow i had no idea this was on here, how wonderful, i have been with the semicolons. what wonderful people they all are. should would like to talk to some of you as well. waiting to hear from you lynn

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Hi lynn,
I have been apart of this site for over 6 years now and it was only recently that this posting board was created. Guess they realized that it would help some who didn't feel they could be totally honest in a room full of people who may not truly understand.
I have found that I truly feel supported when in touch and surrounded by those who are like myself so that there is some true understanding there, not to say that I have not met some true angels along the way, this site has many.
I am 9 year almost ten year survivor of stage 3 IDC Breast cancer with 11 out of 21 positive nodes. If you go the my personal web page you can learn much more by going to the gallery section on the bottom of my page that brings you to speech I gave a couple years after my fight began.
Welcome and hope all is well in your world,

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CC, Lynn, Tara, and Kathy R,

Very nice to meet you all. I was also given the ole you only have so long to live judgement (luckily, not too accurate so far).

Growing apart after 13 years, my ex and I decided to split up 2 months before I got sick. Being a pretty independent and stubborn ole southern gal I think "fighting the beast alone" forced me to confront it more directly then I would have otherwise.

My journey began October 03' so I don't have the long time survivorship some of you do, but I look forward to the day I do.

I hope to be ready to date again some day but right now I am trying to get to know myself after some self imposed abuse (diet, work, just lifestyle in general). That is taking longer then I ever thought but I will get there.

I hope you all have personal webpages so I can learn more about you.

Like Lynn, I look forward to hearing from you and many many others!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Lynn, I sent you an email here on CSN, did you get it?

Lisa P.

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Hi Lynn,
WOW, I forgot to check up here. It's been a while and I'm mostly checking the Breast Cancer site cuz that's my story. However, have talked with Tara (24242) and info from the longtimers has been soo helpful. I myself at 1 and 1/2 years. And still going through bone pain.
Welcome and I love checking on the Semi-Colons page, they are so active and have so much information, besides there wonderful sense of humors.
HI ya all Tara, Scouty and Lynn. Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas.
Kathy R.

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