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The China Study

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A book every cancer patient should read:
CH 3: Turning Off Cancer
Chapter 8: Common Cancers - Breast, Prostrate, Large Bowel-(crc)
CH 17: Big Medicine-Whose health are they protecting?

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"The China Study"? That's the name of the book?

Never mind - I answered my own question, and now in true Bud-like fashion, I provide a couple of links!



Thanks for the info, Bud. I'm going to order it.


- Bob

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Thank you for the tip! I, too, will order it!

Hugs, Kathi

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T. Colin Campbell is THE most knowledgeable person in this world when it comes to nutrition and disease. I've met him many times, picked his brain and was in awe of his smarts. Everyone should have this book! He's a mover and a shaker, ruffling the feathers of the medical industry with his words. He's got my respect...

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