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Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I was admitted into the hospital from my oncoligist's office on 11/16 and discharged on 11/20. I have been having these on-going painful spasms in the lower lumbar area which have been grueling and then left that area and went into the thoracic arear of the back. Very very painful. I was in the hospital basicly to get pain shots and be admitted for tests. I was sent for an MRI which showed a hemangiona at T10 part of the vertabrae. It also showed some large lymph nodes for the first time since aug.2003 dx.of ca. and surgery for colon cancer. I had a bone scan done which showed abnormality at T8 suggesting it is either a metastic lesion due to the hx.of cancer or a compression fracture. I was then sent for a catscan of abd./pelvis w/ contrast which showed lymphadenopathy with enlarged lymph nodes between the aorta and inferior vena cava at the level of the renal veins. They measure 2 cm. I do have a green field filter in the vena cava area also. It also suggested there are calcifications within the lymph nodes. I was fully radiated in that area back in 2004 as part of the tumor was shaved down off the right ureter tube. metal surgical clips was placed and that is where the radiation went. As far as my back is concerned. The lumbar area does have osteoporosis. And all my MRI's, petscans etc. have always showed bone marrow changes due to the radiation. In addition I do have that MDS in which I am anemic. I furthur had catscans of the thoracic back area which stated it could be a compression fracture at T8.
It is definitely showing retroperitional adenopathy in the aortocaval region. One of the lymph nodes demonstrates internal calcification. I aslo had an xray of the back which is of useless information. I was seen by an orthopedic surgeon who I never met before and stated because of my hx. of cancer I was most likely to have a tumor in the spine. I went nuts. He also stated that the information on these reports are in conclusive. he stated the hospital uses old machines and they are reports do not make sense. He suggested when I get discharged to go to this new radiology place and have the catscan of the T area done over as well as an MRI. My oncoligist agreed to have the tests done over. So here I am discharged in full pain. I was sent home on dilaudid that shows how much pain I am in. My pain is always when I lay down and try to get up or turn in bed, I just start to go into these spasms. On wed. I got an appt. with this brand new radiology place. They were very nice there and had a catscan that sliced the images 124 times. I bit the bullet and beared the pain of the laying down for the catscan followed by 45 minutes with the MRI. I am seeing the orthopedic DR. tomorrow withe the reports. This place alraedy gave me copies of the films but no reports. I will keep you posted on the results. My family is coming with me. Pray to God it is not a tumor in the T8 area of the spine due to colon cancer. My oncoligist is ordering a petscan after this. To top it all my last day as a patient in the hospital of which I work in> I have to share this with everbody, I had to use the bathroom, so there I go geting up 5 times during the night because of the running IV's and twisted my whole lumbar spine area because the toilet paper was practically behind the toilet. And the bathroom was small with the IV pole. So now I am in excruciating pain back in the lumbar area because of the twist on the toilet seat. I can't win. When you hear of some enlarged lymph nodes of 2 cm I do not know what else it could be besides cancer. I am praying for the best and will keep you informed. I also met with my surgeon in New York city 2 weeks ago who is going to schedule me at his trusty advise to remove the remaining part of the colon as well as the rectum as it is showing profuse disuse colitis. The % for the cancer to return in that part of the colon is great right now. The fistula and rectum have been bleeding with a maroon colored blood. Hope I get my back squared away to do this surgery. I will have a permanent illeostomy. Thanks for listening to me. Your complicated friend from LOng Island Fran

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Hi Fran,
Sorry to hear of your difficulty. Not a good way to spend Thanksgiving. Regarding the T8 lesion- could they, perhaps, get a needle in it to get a sample? If possible, that would tell you if it is metastatic. The enlarged lymph nodes are bothersome, but I wonder if the disuse colitis could do that as well with all the material that that gives out. I don't know the answer but pray that that is the cause. Keep us informed.

Your friend, Dick

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whew...a difficult read for a non-medical person, but a lot of it is familiar from reading some of my own radiology reports. You obviously are following your practitioners closely..
the only thing I can say is that you shouldn't be in pain-hopefully the dilaudid is helping. Please keep us advised.. bud

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As always my thoughts are with you. I can only hope and wish that it is not cancer and that they can do something to help your pain,hugs Ron.

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Dear Fran,

I am so sorry for all of your pain as well as your anxiety while waiting for all of the results. Please know that you are in my prayers.



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I'm sorry to hear of your problems... glad your out of the hospital though. I am praying for you, please hope for the best, and keep us informed.

Gail in PA

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hello, and god bless you. i am sorry for the stress you are going through at this time in your life. we have all been where you are, and it is nerve racking to say the least. my thoughts and prayers will be with you. i too had the back spasms and i gotta tell ya, i found that neurontin helped me a great deal. i dont know if you have tried that or not but it might be something to think about. try to hang in there and just beileve that god will see you through this. god bless you and i will be thinking and praying for you.


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Oh, Fran, I am sending warm hugs. That is all I have to offer. Please keep us posted.

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Fran. I am sorry to hear that things are so tough for you right now. Although I am trying to be active again I still have issues relating to chemo side effects.After reading your story I realise how fortunate I am to be once again in a position of reasonable health. I have to tell myself that my problems are small compared to you and many of our friends here.
I really need a kick in tha butt sometimes.
I just wanted to say that I hope like hell for you that further testing will not produce any evidence of cancer in your back.So much pain and yet there is little I can do to help you.Our thoughts are with you.
huggs, Ross n Jen

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