Counting my blessings...sad news

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Wow! I just got news that took my breath away! A friend of ours, 56 years old, was ejected from his car last night in an accident. He didn't survive.

I was sort of bah! humbug! this Thanksgiving. Lesson learned...he was successful in an rheumonology practice, has great girls that are out and on their was excellent...

One never knows, so we SHOULD live EACH day to the fullest!

Have a grand Thanksgiving...hummmmm for the bird, one for me!!!!

Hugs, kathi


  • Monicaemilia
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    Thanks for the reminder. You are so right. And my deepest condolences about your friend. Monica
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    Sorry to hear about your news. As you say, we need to be thankful for each day we have, and to remind others we know that we love them.

  • valeriec
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    I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I know just how you feel-my husband's mother passed away 1 month ago very unexpectantly. My mom has been so sick and his mom was totally fine. It can literally knock your feet out from under you. It just goes to show that one never does know, and we should count our blessings everyday. And ALWAYS tell our loved ones how much we love them. Your friend's family and yours will be in my prayers.
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    Oh, Kathi, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.


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    very sorry to hear of your loss, and i agree, we should all live each day as if it were our last because one of these days it will be. god bless.

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    Sorry to hear the news of your friend. Thanks for the reminder to LIVE.
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    usakat said:

    Sorry to hear the news of your friend. Thanks for the reminder to LIVE.

    Kathi...we all take so many things for granted...and of course many of us were jolted into some sort of reality once we were dx'd. So sorry to hear of your friend passing. I have 2 friends here in real trouble...both with cancer.Some of you may remember me talking of them. Lawrie has bowel cancer and is in a serious state with stage 4. Alan has a rare bone cancer, has been fighting it for 7 years and now the chemo offerings are depleted.Sadly Alan may succumb to his illness in the near future.
    So sad it is but we cannot change destiny. Only hope that we may be more compassionate and understand that there is always another story more difficult than our own.
    Ross and Jen