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Thanksgiving Post from Last Year

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Good morning everyone!!! I posted the following on Thanksgiving Day last year, and thought some of the newbies would benefit from it, too.

Majority of you know that today is Thanksgiving here in the US of A. Regardless of your location, take a minute to think about the things you appreciate in life.

Go ahead, I'll wait...............................................................................................

Ok, now here is my definition of Thanksgiving "before" and "after" diagnosis:

Before diagnosis: I was thankful when a moron driver in front of me finally got out of my "#^@&^$(" way.
After diagnosis: I was thankful I was healthy enough to drive a car!

Before diagnosis: I cringed when I would see certain relatives phone numbers on my caller ID.
After diagnosis: I welcomed anyone who was willing to take 2 minutes from their day just to say "hello."

Before diagnosis: I was thankful for the slew of friends I had.
After diagnosis: I was thankful for the ones who stuck by my side, and my new circle of "semi-colons."

Before diagnosis: I was thankful that the week was over, and the weekend was here for me to "enjoy."
After diagnosis: I was thankful for even Mondays!

Before diagnosis: My kids stood on the majority of my nerves, the majority of the time.
After diagnosis: My kids stand on every string of my heart.

Before diagnosis: I was thankful when the sun came up and the birds stopped chirping at 4 am.
After diagnosis: I was thankful when the sun came up and the birds CONTINUED chirping at 4 am.

Before diagnosis: I had no tolerance for people who took up my time for no real reason.
After diagnosis: I welcome everyone.

Before diagnosis: I existed...
After diagnosis: I live!

Yes, this disease is a tough fight, but when it's all said and done, the phrase is true, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Have a great holiday season, a great weekend, a great weekday, a great couple of hours each day, etc...


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Stacy -

Awesome post and i am GLAD you brought it back. Thanks for all you do and all the lives you've touched through sharing your wit, wisdom, and amazing success. I am honored and blessed to call you my friend.

Love ya!

- Sponge

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That is so true,how life changes after dx. Happy Thanksgiving for you Stacey

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Thanks for this message again this year! I read it at the Thanksgiving table last year. It is so meaningful.

Hugs and love to you.


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Thank you, Stacy! Not only for this post, but for your wonderful, sometimes hilarious look at life!!!! Happy day to you!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Stacy,

I still love this post. Cancer has a way of changing our perspective on most things. I hope your day was happy.



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