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CT Scan Contrast

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Unfortunately I am allergic to the contrast dye they use when given CT Scans and was wondering if anyone else has take pre-meds to counter act the reaction and if so which meds?

My Onc Doc stated he gives Predizone (steriod), then Benedryl and Zantac. You know me, big SISSY when it comes to taking stuff.

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Hi Nudgie -
I haven't had a true allergic reaction to the die, but have had some wierd cough issues the last two times. My oncologist tells me that prednisone plus benadryl is the standard premed for allergic reactions (the Zantac your doc suggested is also a type of antihistamine like Bendadryl, but blocks different types of histamine receptors). My oncologist is going to talk to my radiologist and prescribe the regimen he recommends - she says they all have slightly different preferences but basically all involve prednisone plus antihistamine.

You only have to take these drugs for a couple of days, not really long enough to have negative effects. I will probably be trying this for my next scans, to see if it positively impacts the cough reaction I have started having.

Take care,

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I have to take the very same ones you are being asked to take. Apparently if you are allergic to shellfish the is a strong likely hood that you are also allergic to the iodine in the contrast dye. The first time I had the dye without the medication and had a headache and hives for 3 days. I don't like the medication but it beats the reaction to the dye. jams

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At the beginning of my journey fighting the beast, I went through the contract stuff, no problem. Now, 2 years later...well...my last MRI had contrast, and I had trouble breathing...
Just guess I can't have any more scans...hehehehehe

Hugs, Kathi

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I am also allergic to the contrast dye, so I am premedicated with heavy doses of prednisone the night before and the day of the scan. I have numerous seasonal and perennial allergies and take Allegra-D twice a day year-round. That's all they have me do before a scan. The only problem is that the imaging center requires that I get the prednisone prescription from my primary care physician. I haven't had any problems since I started taking prednisone before each scan.

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I am a radiology nurse and our patients take medrol 32 mg the night before and 2 hours before they are going to get contrast. It is solumedrol.


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this raises another question: just how much difference does contrast make in the clarity of the imaging? I have refused it in the past, and the radiologist/DR didn't seem to have a problem seeing what they needed to see...

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I didn't have it with my first scan, and the results were not as clear. Since then, the doc has insisted on the dye.

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