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i just wanted to say to everyone, have a wonderful thanksgiving...i feel i have so much to be thankful for this year. my diagnosis came as a shock but once everything cleared i was able to put things in the right perspective. i am so thankful for my family and friends and my drs. i couldn't have done this without the love, support and understanding. i have still another six months at least ahead of me but i don't worry.. my favorite saying is live well, laugh often and love much. Happy Thanksgiving everyone..

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Back atcha, Karen. Far as I'm concerned, every day is Thanksgiving Day!

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Hi Karen!

Happy Turkey Day to you too! I agree with the saying. My dx made me appreciate so much more of my life. Enjoy your holiday!

Lisa F.

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody
I wish you all the very best everyday ......I can't wait for black Firday
WoooHooo! Shopping
Luv ya! HUGS

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Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Yes, this damned disease has a way of making us sit back and enjoy the love and friendships around us more. Enjoy your holiday.


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Karen -

Have a great one yourself. Last Thanksgiving I was happy, but also trying to suppress wondering if it would be my last. And, here I am - appreciating this holiday more than ever (and it has always been one of my favorites!).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone,

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I agree with your favorite saying, and will add one from Charlie Chaplin...."A day without laughter is a day wasted".

Laughter and light,

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If there is one think that cancer has given me, it's an appreciation for everything that is good in my life. I'm even learning to be thankful for things that are not so good because something good often comes from bad things too. I know one thing I'm thankful for is for all of you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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