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E7820 or ABX-EGF. Anyone on this?

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More bad news for Mark yesterday. Tumors in his lungs have grown on the Irinotecan alone. Yesterday the doctor had few options - continue on the Irinotecan to see if it suddenly works (don't sound good) or go on Erbitux with the Irinotecan. That way he'll have no hair and acne on top of it. Sorry I'm getting cynical but he's been through the ringer and the latest is his hair being wrecked for no benefit. He had the most beautiful blonde mob at one time.

Has anyone here found tumor shrinkage with the Panitumumab or this drug with no name, E7820?? An email from the doctor just announced there is a spot open on this trail Mark's been waiting to get on (not holding my breath - they've already yanked him off it once). This drug is in combination with Erbitux.

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My Dad had a recurrence in August 2005 and was not responding to the treatment of Folfox that he was previously on. His tumor did not express EGFR so they were not overly confident that Erbitux would work for him. But the Onc put him on the combination of Erbitux and Irinotecan and he has been NED since last September. It's working for him and he did get a rash in the beginning but it is not quite so bad right now. Hope this helps.

Best Wishes,

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I just wanted to send good vibes to you and Mark that this is the right combo for him. HUGS.

Lisa F.

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Hi-if Mark ends up on the erbitux and has problems with the rash-let me know. My husband's was so bad that he was hospitalized for it. Then they placed him in a study with a dermatologist and has been on meds(keflex and soriatane) and it has kept the rash under control. My husband has been on irinotecan and erbitux for 13 months now. It is keeping his reoccurence stable. Actually we are in a routine of weekly chemo and then go on with our lives. You and Mark are in my prayers daily. Hope you have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

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