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Update: Next Steps

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Saw my Onc Doc yesterday, 21 Nov 06 to discuss next steps. He indicated that he would get with my surgeon to discuss a pre-op colonoscopy (sp?), then the 2nd surgery to reconnect my colon, and then another colonoscopy 6 months after surgery. I will have a CT Scan either before surgery or after surgery and then 3-6 mons after that for several years. Blood work would be every 3 months or awhile and then probably every 6 months. I see my Neurologist on 29 Nov for the Vertigo. I would like to say a prayer:

Father thank you for guiding me to this site and these wonderful people. I would not have been able to get to this point in my life without the strength of GOD, my husband and you guys. Father, please guide over everyone here and bless them with your guidance. AMEN

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Hi Nudgie,

I'm sending good vibes that they find out what is causing the Vertigo. I'm sure you are happy that you have a plan of what will be happening. HUGS and enjoy your holiday!

Lisa F.

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AW, sweetheart! I, too, send my biggest, strongest vibes to you!

Hugs, Kathi

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