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First bite question

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After my second chemo infusion I had a significant increase in "first bite" pain. This is not a cold sensitivity just pain with the first few chews of anything. Several people here said they had the same thing. My question is which of the FOLFOX drugs is this a side effect of? Thanks in advance...Mark

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Hi Mark,

My father also had the same problem and always complained of that. His onc said that it was due to the oxaliplatin. He complained of that side effect less and less as he continued to receive the chemo. The onc recommended a calcium supplement to help ease the pain. My dad never tried that, so I don't know whether or not it works. I'm sure others will have some more suggestions. Hope this helps.


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My husband is on oxaliplatin and xeloda and we have been told it is the oxaliplatin that causes it..

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I was on Oxaliplatin and had the same reaction. It did go away after the 6th or 7th cycle.

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I hate to admit to this, but I can't remember. One of the few GIFTS of chemo brain...

I am sending big, healthy vibes your way...

Hugs, Kathi

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Last year I thought it was because of the oxaliplatin but I'm taking chemo again and not using oxaliplatin and I still get the "first bite" pain. So I'm taking all the FOLFOX minus the oxaliplatin. Interesting....

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I finished 6 of 12 FLOFOX treatments and two of the chemo drugs, 5FU and Oxy both can cause this problem. I had it after the 3rd treatment I think until I finished on 3 November.

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It is a documented side effect of the oxalaplatin. I completed my chemo over a year and a half ago and I sometimes randomly still get the first bite bite.

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I had it for the first 6 cycles but then it seemed to disappear. I found that biting down or clenching my teeth just before eating something helped to lessen it.


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