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to all ostomates

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a while ago i read somewhere that people who have ilestomy's should recieve a vitamin b12 shot.. I cannot remember where i read this (chemo brain). Has anyone else heard this or am i making this up..Also, i have been having severe vision issues.. my optomologist put me on drops for dry eyes and according to the doc i have the onset of macular degeneration in my left eye.. i never had real vision issues until the cancer.. i've been wearing glasses the last couple of years, but that happened after i turned 40.. has anyone else had vision concerns? thanks again.. i don't often write but i read everyday...

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I cannot answer the ilestomy question even though I have one that will be reconnected within months. My surgeon never mentioned a B12 shot.

The vision issues I have had. I had 6 out of 12 FLOFOX Treatments and when started I noticed a change in my vision even though I did wear glasses and had one bad eye. The bad eye seemed to get worse and my good eye seem to strain more and had to wear my glasses more often then normal. After I see my Onc Doc today, I am hoping I can schedule my eye appt.

I think the 5FU can cause blurred vision.

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I think you will only need a vitamin B12 shot if you had your ileum removed. I did have my lieum removed during one of my surgeries. My surgeon said it wasn't healthy looking. He thinks it was in the field of radiation.

My regular doc told me I might need vit b12 at some point. Right now I am OK. I think they check it by a blood test. I will ask at my next physical in Feb.

I hope this helps.


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