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Home recovery for ovarian cancer

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Just found out that my grandma of 69 years has ovarian cancer. We're looking for suggestions and experiences to help make her recovery at home as speedy and comfortable as possible. We would like any information from specialized equipment to wall colors. While you were going through your recovery, what did you like? What would you have changed? Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Sigh...your grandmother is not much older than I am...and I consider myself too 'young' to be a gramma (51...hehehehehe).
My mom is an endometrial/breast cancer survivor, and I am just through colorectal and breast cancer. I can tell you that two things that helped BOTH of us was a strong sense of humor, combined with a feeling that we would DEFINATELY beat the beast!!!! "Feisty" is the word, I think!

Depending on her treatment (chemo? Radiation? Surgery?), she will be tired, and someone needs to go WITH her to her doctor appointments...both my mom and I learned that cancer brings on a selective loss of hearing....we don't hear anything that is bad!!!!

Also post on the Ovarian cancer discussion board. I was just over there, and it looks like there are some good tips and tricks.

Tell her she is part of a team beating this thing, and just love her. Have her drink as much WATER as possible, if she gets chemo...it flushes the stuff faster, and she will feel better.

Hugs, Kathi

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Forgive my bad English.

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