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Update: Had last chemo treatment on 3 November and told my Onc Doc on 17 November that I had decided to stop my treatment. Had 6 out of 12 FLOFOX treatments for Stage IIa NO/MO colon cancer, due to side effects.

On 18 November I went to the ER due to bad dizzy spells that woke me up while sleeping Saturday morning (5:00am). No issues with walking, standing or sitting, just lying down and sleeping.

The ER Doctor told me he suspects it is Vertigo and would like me to see a Neurologist. The ER did do blood work and a dry CT Scan of my brain. The ER Doctor stated all tests came back good, blood and CT scan, but the simple Neur test indicated signs of Vertigo.

Question: Has anyone out there had this problem when stopping chemo or during chemo?

Also, I have an appt with my Onc Doc on Tuesday, 21 Nov.

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This procedure is definately worth a try. Worked for me anyway. The diagnosis was Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Whenever I would lay down I would get dizzy, but only when I got up or down on the right side. Not as bad on the left. " Activities which bring on symptoms will vary among persons, but symptoms are almost always precipitated by a change of position of the head with respect to gravity. Getting out of bed or rolling over in bed are common 'problem' motions." I hope you can find this website, because they do a very good job of explaining the procedure used to eliminate BPPV. jams

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Hi Nudgie,
When I was having 5fu nine years ago my onc advised me to tell him if I had ANY signs of loss of balance he further informed me that it was one of the rare side effects of chemo. It was caused by the chem effecting the cerebellum , and if it occured chemo could not be contiued. Get a second opinion,Ron.

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Gosh, I had completely forgotten that during chemo I had similar "getting dizzy while lying down" episodes, and also while initially standing up. Only a few, but weird at the time; no abnormalities found, and not a problem since finishing chemo. Good luck with this. Judy

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Sorry, my dear...not one of my side effects (geez, I thought I got them ALL!). I hope it gets better...sounds like a wise choice you made about chemo!

Hugs, Kathi

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