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Update on Chemo Treatment

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I stopped my FLOFOX treatment on 17 November 06. I have had 6 treatments out of 12. In the beginning I was told that the treatment would be for insurance and precautionary measures since I was Stage IIa w/NO and MO.

I would also like to say THANK YOU sooo much to everyone who responded to my questions regarding this decision.

Also, my husband and the Onc Doc were not happy but did support my decision. I have an appt with my Onc Doc on Tuesday, 21 Nov to discuss the next steps.

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The BIGGER question, my dear...how are YOU feeling??? Are you recovering? I have been sending good vibes to you for awhile, hope they are working!

As I said before, sometimes personal decisions fly in the face of tradition. My reason to my onc for skipping the last AC was "If the thing that was supposed to give me a better chance of living kills me, does that mean it was a success or a failure???"

Hugs and happy turkey day!

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HUGS and yes, how are you feeling? I'm sure it will be nice to maybe feel better for Turkey Day. Sending good vibes too.

Lisa F.

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Congratualtions on coming to a decision that feels right for you; continued best wishes and continued healing. Judy

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